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Take the first step towards learning Mandarin Chinese, the most commonly spoken language in the world. With this course you earn while you learn, you gain recognized qualifications, job specific skills and knowledge and this helps you stand out in the job market.

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01 giugno 2016



Il meglio It's really unclear what we're supposed to be studying and in what order. The material in the videos is presented in a really odd order: a word is presented, then some aspects of its pronunciation are explained, but the word not repeated. I've studied a good number of languages (French, German, Latin, Greek) before at school, so I've experience with learning languages, but the material presented in this course is done so in a really baffling way. I haven't got a clue how to begin reading the symbols, yet the homework requires recognition of them. Really needs more tips on how to learn the material.

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Il meglio I live in Taiwan, but I am American so I'm still learning Mandarin. I have learned quite a lot being here, and I think the best way to learn the language is to go to the country. I know this isn't the best option for many, so they take courses such as this one. I feel as though this course was meant for people in between a VERY basic beginner's level(too hard) and my level(too easy). For a basic beginner this might be hard since the instructor barely goes into depth with Chinese characters and reading/writing. So the quizzes will probably be difficult to take as they require a bit of skills (recognizing characters and reading pinyin). For my level, I feel like it is too easy. I went through all of the quizzes, including the final quiz easily. The course feels rushed in many ways. So many topics in one video!! It would have been nicer if it was more organized. (Particularly) Lesson 6 felt like the instructor was - last minute - adding a bunch of random words so we could complete the quiz. If you are a BEGINNER BEGINNER I would suggest learning from a more basic and organized class. I feel like if I took this when I just started learning Chinese, I would be clueless. Apart from the rushed-ness and how confusing it seems, there is another thing I would like to point out. I feel bad saying this but I felt like the examples in some of the sentences were just not suitable for teaching. For example : "My house is bigger than your house" or "My ex-girlfriend is prettier than my current girlfriend". And even more like "My car is more expensive than yours". Is this really necessary? I'm only thirteen and I find this wrong.. I have a lot of Taiwanese relatives and I feel like this is apart of the Taiwanese culture. (Comparing, contrasting) Overall, I learned a few things I already knew from this course. I don't suggest this course for beginners. Maybe if you already get how to read Pinyin, and can recognize a few Chinese characters. This course was more for speaking, less for writing and reading.

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Il meglio I am taking part in the #add1challenge /fluent in 3 months. In June this year I decided to learn Chinese Mandarin. It is end of July and I have just passed this course and feel a lot more confident now. I aim to contuinue with second Mandarin course and the business Mandarin one that starts in August.

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Chinese Language
Mandarin Chinese


Introductory Mandarin is the first in a series of six courses designed to teach you how to speak Mandarin Chinese. This course will introduce you to the basic language you will need to eat, live, and get around in Mandarin speaking countries. Since this is a language course, we recommend taking this course with a friend or group of friends. Practicing with others by speaking the language will help you learn it more effectively. Additionally, Mandarin is a tonal language, which means that in order to truly master it, you will need to say the words out loud! Join the community of over 900 million native Mandarin speakers and start learning today!

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Teacher:Estella Y. M. Chen Estella Chen is a professor at College of Commerce at National Chengchi University. She obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Southern California where her passion for applied linguistics began to take root and received her Mandarin Chinese teaching certification from California Commission on Teaching Credentialing. She founded MandarinX with the dream of making Chinese language and culture more widely accepted and understood around the world.   Aside from teaching, Chen has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that drove her to found MandarinX. Her long-term goal is to see Chinese proficiency standardization and testing on par with that of English with regards to international communication and academia.