Boost Your Child's Confidence

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This course is composed of 12 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £199.
Growing up can be really tough business. Children crave for more and more independence and it's time for us parents to learn how to give the directions in a way in which we boost our child's confidence.
Children need to have the confidence to ask questions, get to trust others and even make mistakes, because that is how they learn about themselves, people and the environment.

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Confidence Training
Feeling nervous
Difficult situations


Module Four Breathing

Breathing is more important than you might think. When kids get nervous their lips dry up and their breathing becomes shaky. Teach them to breathe correctly and maintain their breathing pattern when feeling nervous and you will definitely see improvements in their confidence.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

Module Five Let Can't Go

When a child has to face new tasks or situations, the fear of failure often get's in the way and CAN'T moves in. Their confidence is dented when they find something difficult. This module focuses on teaching you techniques that your child can use to approach these tasks and let go of the CAN'T.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

module twelve Dealing with difficult situations

In this module we will focus on teaching you tried and tested techniques so that you can help your child have the confidence to accept when they are in the wrong and learn new coping mechanisms in these difficult situations.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours