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Students on this course can expect to receive industry-leading teaching of Cambridge Examinations (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), including specific grammar, skills, pronunciation and exam techniques. Our course syllabus is prepared using published resources, regular mock-testing, exam-focused practice and other classroom tasks according to the highest standards of pedagogy.

Upon arrival, your level will be assessed and your specific learning targets will be mapped into an individualised study programme with our friendly and experienced teachers. The central principle of our syllabus is the “70-30 rule”, which provides 70% syllabus content with 30% of flexible teaching to meet each student’s specific needs.

Informazioni importanti
Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

The course is structured in a way to provide students with the language, exam practice and confidence to succeed in a Cambridge Examination. Regular homework and weekly assessment will enable students to review the language to improve learning. Student tutorials with our expert teaching staff provide students with opportunities to talk about progress and learning techniques.

Students will benefit from regular mock examinations taken from previous Cambridge papers. The results will be incorporated into each student’s personalised, individual study programme for an effective learning experience.

È la formazione giusta per me?

This course is designed for all students looking to develop language and skills specific to a Cambridge Examination in a multi-lingual learning environment.

It is intended for students looking to practice language skills ahead of exam training or higher education.

Requisiti: The Cambridge Exam English course is open to students from lower-intermediate to proficiency levels according to the exam type. Previous study of a Cambridge Exam is not necessary, but this will influence the level which you achieve when you join the school. Students assessed on arrival to be below the lower-intermediate level will be given the opportunity to study Cambridge Examination English in supplementary modules alongside their general English lessons.


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English Language
English Conversation
Customer Care
Creative Thinking
Creative Writing
Customer Service
Communication Skills
Organizational Skills
Business Finance


The topics that will be covered during lessons are:

• Grammar (specific to Cambridge Exams)
• Vocabulary (specific to Cambridge Exams)
• Skills development (speaking, reading, writing, listening)
• Pronunciation and phonology
• Idiomatic language (idioms, proverbs, fixed phrases)
• Exam tasks (question analysis, exam techniques, practice questions)

Students will also be given the opportunity to incorporate elements from our other courses (finance, customer service, creative media, business administration, and management and leadership) into optional module lessons.

Ulteriori informazioni

The following is provided for all students:

• Expert tuition from an experienced teacher
• Weekly assessment / testing of course content
• Access to the BSMI portal through which supplementary materials can be found

In addition, you will also receive:

• Regular tutorials to assess your progress
• Guidance on unknown language and terminology
• Opportunities to discuss the course in relaxed and informal settings
• Access to the school’s extensive social programme.                                                Intensive Cambridge Examination English (CE25)
• 20 Hours Per Week
• 25 Lessons Per Week
• 4-12 Weeks: £200 per week
• 12-24 Weeks: £190 per week

Intensive+ Cambridge Examination English (CE30)

• 25 Hours Per Week
• 30 Lesson