CDP Advanced 1: Self-Knowledge

IAC - International Academy of Consciousness
A London (Inghilterra)

£ 515 - (587 )

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  • Corso
  • Advanced
  • London (Inghilterra)
  • 21 ore di lezione
  • Durata:
    3 Days
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This workshop has a different style than the other IAC activities. The Advanced 1 workshop lasts the whole weekend, starting Friday afternoon and ending Sunday afternoon, with a total of 21 hours of activities. Since this workshop is given in a hotel, participants can take time to reflect upon themselves and their lives without interference or distractions. It is structured in such a way that participants have the appropriate atmosphere for clearing questions and doubts they may have, which preclude them from progressing in their lives.

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60 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 2EW, London, Inghilterra
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Holistic therapy
Energy Healing
Alternative Medicine
Consciousness Development
Astral Projection Technique


Advanced 1 provides an environment where participants are able to perform a deep self-analysis to identify and improve their own consciential potentialities such as their existential programme, connection with helpers, energetic characteristics, and others. Benefits include:

  • Becoming aware of personal strong traits that could and should be better used;
  • Becoming aware of personal weak traits that are hindering one’s progress;
  • Discovering the direction of their own existential programme, or life purpose;
  • Planning strategies to recycle one’s life;
  • Identifying possible reasons for the obstruction in personal bioenergetic development;
  • Perceiving and reinforcing one’s interaction with helpers.

Advanced 1 also combines several distinct kinds of activities, including: energy exercises, video sessions, theoretical classes, and group discussions. The educational strategy used in this workshop includes debates between participants as well as intructors, and case-studies that will allow a better understanding of evolution and give us a broader picture of our evolutionary condition.

Participants will receive specific forms that will help them perform self-analysis and self-assessment related to the subject discussed during the classes. They serve the purpose of helping the students to focus and organize their thoughts. The forms are private and for personal use only.  We also suggest that students keep these forms, so they can refer to them in the future to evaluate how much they have changed and grown.

In order to keep a high level of quality in the workshop, two instructors and one assistant will lead the activities. In addition, the number of participants is limited to 20.