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This course prepares you for jobs such as Portfolio Analyst / Asset Manager in companies such as JP Morgan, ICICI, Blackrock, Fidelity etc.

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The course aims to enable understudies to: Learn Financial Planning & Portfolio Management. Understand the various investment options such as Equity, Debt, Derivatives. Forex etc. Calculate returns, yields, allocations, risk using Excel. Get exposed to portfolio management case studies and best practices taught by leading financial planners with backgrounds from IIM, Reliance Capital, BSE etc. Get career assistance by interacting with industry professionals who will guide you with your interviews and job search.

Requisiti: There is no such eligibility criteria required - this course assumes you have no background in finance and starts from the basics of finance and slowly builds into advanced topics. You need an internet connection to access the course.


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Portfolio Management
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This Course Consist of the following contents- 1.INTRODUCTION -Why Financial Planning, Different Asset classes. 2.CONCEPT OF FINANCIAL PLANNING -Client Questionnaire, Assets and Liabilities, Short-term and long-term goals, Time Value of Money (TVM), Calculating monthly savings to achieve a financial goal, Net Surplus and Savings Ratio, Current Ratio and Liquidity Ratio, Cash Flow Statement, Strategic and Tactical management. 3.MANAGING INVESTMENT RISK -Systematic and Unsystematic Risks, Reinvestment, Interest rate, Purchasing power, Liquidity risk, Exchange rate, Tax rate, Inflation risk, Alpha, Beta, Variance, Standard Deviation. 4.MEASURING INVESTMENT RETURNS -Real return, Annuity, Lumpsum, monthly and yearly EMI calculations, Calculating Loan EMI’s using CMPD. 5.INVESTMENT VEHICLES -Small Savings Schemes, Fixed Income and Mutual Fund, Equities - Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Derivatives - Call and Put options. 6.INVESTMENT STRATEGIES -Active and Passive, Asset Allocation - Strategic and Tactical, Covariance, Correlation Coefficient, Beta, Systematic Investment Plans. 7.INSURANCE PLANNING -Basics of Insurance, Characteristics of Insurance, Requirements of Insurance, Endowment, Whole life plans, Money back policy, Pension, Term plan, ULIP, Non-Life, Health, Motor, Human life value, Needs Based Approach. 8.RETIREMENT PLANNING -Inflation, Real Return, Expense and Income method, Defined Benefits and Defined Contribution, Gratuity, PPF, Pension, Annuity. 9.TAX PLANNING -Direct and Indirect Taxes, Tax deductions, Tax exemptions, Heads of Income and Taxable Income, Tax Slabs. 10.FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, INSTRUMENTS AND MARKETS -Why Financial Markets, Assets and Liabilities, The Concept of a Balance Sheet, Market Classifications, Market Intermediaries, Bid and Ask Price, Stock Exchanges, Long and Short Positions, Orders. 11.EQUITY CAPITAL MARKETS -Nature of Equity, Book Value and Market Value, Stock Splits and Reverse Splits, Stock Dividends, Voting Rights and Preferred Shares, Convertible Preferred Shares. 12.BONDS AND DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS -Plain Vanilla Debt, Valuation of a Coupon, Par, Discount and Premium Bonds, Zero Coupon and Floating Rate Bonds, Callable and Puttable Bonds, Yields, Rating Agencies. 13.MUTUAL FUNDS AND PENSION FUNDS -Mutual Fund Basics, Open-End and Closed-End Funds, Net Asset Value (NAV), Loads, Expense Ratio, Categorization of Funds, Exchange Traded Funds. 14.DERIVATIVES OVERVIEW AND PRICING -Forward Versus Futures Contracts, Forward Versus Futures Exchanges, Call and Put Options, Hedgers, Arbitrageurs, The role of futures and options markets, Value at Risk (VAR), Margins and marking to market, Clearinghouse, Introduction to Options, Exercising Options, Rights and Obligations, Put-Call Parity, Naked Call, Long Put. 15.FOREIGN EXCHANGE -Spot Exchange, Bid and Ask Quotes, Forex Arbitrage, Forward Market, Synthetic Rate.

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This Course is made for Students and The biggest advantage of this course - is you get to interact with world class faculty - just by interacting with them you learn a lot - whenever you have any doubts or need guidance - you can schedule a phone call with the faculty.