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China (Part 1): Political and Intellectual Foundations: From the Sage Kings to Confucius and the Legalists - Harvard University

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Part 1 includes an overview of China, historically, geographically, and culturally, starting with the origins and legitimation of what we come to know as China and includes an exploration of the integral thinkers (Confucius, Laozi etc.) of the early period.
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Bruno Evaristo
Il meglio I think the Chinese culture is exceptionally solid right up 'til the present time , these individuals regard its history. A people that even with some serious governments , can be one of the real world forces , and one of the biggest places for huge business visionaries who need to build their abundance . China in a few choices for its populace simply meddling with human rights , how might we take after the scene of representatives of a bank getting hostilities for their terrible execution , we likewise have the case of how the nation started a crusade to lessen the populace.

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Timothy T Gaihai
Il meglio Thestudy material depends on exhaustive research and its verifiable. The teacher is outstanding and the supplier conveyed it proficiently and viably.

Da migliorare No negative aspects.

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China History


China (Part 1): Political and Intellectual Foundations: From the Sage Kings to Confucius and the Legalists is the first of ten parts of ChinaX, that collectively span over 6,000 years of history. Each part consists of 4 to 8 weekly "modules," each with videos, readings, interactive engagements, assessments, and discussion forums. There are a total of 52 modules in ChinaX.

Parts 1-5 make up China: Civilization and Empire, taught by Professor Peter K. Bol. Parts 6-10 make up China and the Modern World, taught by Professor William C. Kirby. 

  • An understanding of some of the big picture issues in China’s history from political, geographic, and cultural perspectives.
  • The beginning of history in archaeology and in myth.
  • Legitimating the imposition of political authority and justifying rebellion against authority.
  • The blossoming of Chinese thought: from Confucius in the sixth century BC to the Legalists of the third.
  • Historical methods for explaining how complex civilizations are formed.
  • The analysis of texts (in translation) and artifacts.
  • Methods for the analysis of philosophical and political arguments.
  • Methods of critical reading to modern scholarship.
  • To develop your own approaches to history and gain a critical appreciation of China’s literary, philosophical, political and cultural resources.
  • To express ideas more clearly and confidently; to think more analytically and critically through the study of primary and secondary sources.