Chinese Mandarin Beginners Plus (Year 1)

City University London
A Islington (Inghilterra)

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  • Short course
  • Islington (Inghilterra)
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    Settembre 2017

You already read Pinyin and can easily introduce yourself and others in Mandarin. You can tell the time when your Chinese colleague asks you Xiànzài jǐ diǎn and talk about your daily routine. When attending meetings with Chinese speaking clients, you are able to offer drinks and make polite conversation

families and hobbies. But now you want to improve your Pinyin tones and make your pronunciation clearer. You want to be more confident with your speaking and grammar usage to prepare you for Mandarin Lower Intermediate.This Mandarin Chinese Beginners Plus short course is aimed at students with basic knowledge of Mandarin, i.e. you have completed Mandarin Beginners, Accelerated Beginners, or are familiar with other Chinese dialects.Topics taught at beginner level are revised with an emphasis on fluency. New grammar and vocabulary are introduced after consolidating previously learned topics. The course helps students build confidence, strengthens their ability to communicate more fluently and offers the opportunity to broaden cultural understanding.If you missed the October enrolment and you already have some knowledge of Chinese Mandarin, you can join the Chinese Mandarin Beginners Plus course in Term 2 or 3 but you will need to have your level assessed. You can do this by checking your level using our online guidelines.Why Choose a City Short Course?Delivered by native speakers, our Mandarin Chinese Beginners Plus short course is the ideal course for anyone who has completed our Mandarin Chinese Beginners course. The programme is taught over ten weeks in the evening at our central London location. Course Information Start DateStart TimeDurationCostCourse CodeApply Thursday 6 October 2016 18:30 - 20:30 10 classes over 1 term £230.00 (Term 1) CS1025 Apply Now Thursday 19 January 2017 18:30 - 20:30 10 classes over...

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Northampton Square, EC1V 0HB , London, Inghilterra
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What will I learn?

Term 1

Topics covered
Basic strokes, radicals and components of Chinese characters; basic rules of writing Chinese characters; currencies and prices; buying fruits; bargaining; choosing gifts; colours; shopping for clothes; food and drinks; ordering food and drinks; dining experiences;

Grammatical structures
Question word "duōshǎo" and its difference with “jǐ”; common measure words; comparison word "bǐ"; use aspect marker "guò" to describe past experience; verbal complement “de” for result;

Learning objectives
* Understanding basic rules of Chinese characters
* Asking and telling prices
* Buying fruits
* Making payment
* Bargaining
* Discussing gift options
* Comparing style, colour and material of clothes
* Talking about favourite food and drinks
* Ordering food and drinks
* Discussing food preference and dining experience

Term 2

Topics covered
Public transportation; hiring a taxi; buying train or bus tickets; getting on and off transportation; hotel rooms and availability; hotel facilities and services; phone calls; receiving visitors; mobile communication;

Grammatical structures
Link verbs with adverbs using "de"; make comparison using adjective + complement; ordinal numbers with measure words; using “de” to link a verbal phrase with a noun; shortening of noun phrases; question words used in statements; verbal complements “wán” and “hǎo”;

Learning objectives
* Being able to recognise commonly used characters
* Taking a taxi
* Discussing traffic and road conditions
* Giving suggestions about travel routes
* Buying train tickets
* Asking and telling room vacancies
* Booking hotel room
* Making complaint about hotel facilities
* Making phone calls
* Inviting guests for home visit
* Making and receiving business phone calls

Term 3

Topics covered
Socialising; small talks; favourite travel destinations; holiday experiences; writing letters; sending postcards; catching up on recent events;

Grammatical structures
Structure “shì…de” to express the time or manner of a past action; structure “wán…..le” to indicate the completion of an action; preposition “géi”; emphatic word “dōu”; “le” for indicating change of state; negative sentences with “yě”;Emphatic word “cái”; use of structure “…….de shíhou”;

Learning objectives
* Being able to write most commonly used characters
* Expressing the number of times for certain actions
* Describing a past event in a sophisticated manner
* Telling a story
* Asking and telling favourite travel destinations
* Discussing holiday experiences
* Writing Chinese envelope using correct format
* Writing letters and postcards
* Exchanging information on recent events
* Making promises

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Teaching and Assessment

The emphasis of this Mandarin Chinese course is on listening and speaking. The lessons during the Beginners Plus short course focus on language that is required in authentic situations. Pinyin is used as pronunciation tool but Chinese characters will be introduced throughout the course. Classroom activities will include: role-playing, class room discussion, pair and group work, work on pronunciation and intonation as well as grammar in context.

Listening to audio clips and watching videos are an important element in our...