Contemporary drawing and painting (online)

University of the Arts London (UAL)

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Tipologia NVQ
Metodologia Online
Durata 4 Weeks
Inizio lezioni 07/11/2017
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  • NVQ
  • Online
  • Durata:
    4 Weeks
  • Inizio lezioni:
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This course is for passionate part-time artists, self taught or who may have had some college training. It will inspire you to build on existing knowledge and techniques so you can create with confidence, and take your art to the next level. Professional artist Guy Noble will guide you through the 3 fundamental elements to build on your talents and achieve real progress with your paintings and drawings.

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Part Time
Quality Training
Confidence Training


Subject Matter (What we paint)
Contemporary art presents a spectacular array of subjects but this doesn’t mean that any every subject will work for you. How do you choose subjects with the most potential for you to express your ideas?

Imagination & Observation (How we see things)
The act of perception is at the root of our aesthetic response. Together, we will look at understanding the relationship between the imagination and visual appearance and how it is used in an artwork.

Technique & Language (The way we work)
Colour, light, space and form are the essential pillars of the language used in painting and drawing. Here, you will learn to control these elements technically to help you further develop your own work.

Topics covered:
Finding subject matter
Relationship between subject and the language of painting and drawing
How do we use the subject
Technique & Language
Painting in Layers
Alla Prima
Using Acrylic vs. Oil
Space, form, colour and light.
Abstract values and surface quality
Learning outcomes:
By the end of the course you will confidently be able to talk about your art, subject and relation between them. You will also have acquired practical knowledge of various drawing and painting techniques, and you will have a deeper understanding of your approach to art and subject, with the possibility to expand your practice further afield.

Who should attend:
Students or graduates in fine art who wish to get more serious with their practice. Artists who would like to investigate their relationship with their subject and learn new techniques.
Course Schedule – 4 weeks: 1.5 hours of live class per week
Each week there will be a live session, and I will set a project. These will be based around the ideas listed above and help you understand how best to develop your work.
Week 1 - Finding subject matter; figure, landscape, still life. How drawing and painting can be used to focus in on what is interesting to you and how it connects to other art.
First project brief.

Week 2 - Is this really the subject? We look at the relationship between subject and language of painting and drawing. Real life situations, useful ways to work from photographs, make drawings to be developed into paintings, ideas about composition.
Second project brief.

Week 3 - Technique & Language. Painting in layers, alla prima (painting in one sitting), different ideas about colour and usage of acrylic and oil paint. Space, form, colour and light. Third project brief.

Week 4 - Painting development - We look abstract values and surface quality – review and critiques – here we discuss in detail at how each student has developed their work and offer constructive advice.. Fourth project brief - designed to get you started on a project that you can continue beyond the course.

Please refer to your joining instructions about getting set up for your first session. Further details about preparing for your online course, and the equipment you need, can be found here: /csm/courses/short-courses/short-courses-online/frequently-asked-questions/

Please note: This course is for students aged 18 and older