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This degree programme prepares you for the demanding world of business and management. This requires a familiarity with a range of subjects which look at business and management issues analytically and critically. The degree provides you with a knowledge and understanding of a number of issues in international management, while allowing you to learn from issues and experiences relevant to your local environment. Most importantly, you will acquire the ability to think independently about business and management decisions, and gain a degree which will be valued by employers looking for people who can demonstrate logical and quantitative reasoning. The awarding body for this course is the University of London, and academic direction is provided by London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Features of the Degree:

  • The degree is designed to develop excellent analytical skills and problem-solving skills by applying theory and theoretical models in practical situations, which are invaluable to the decision-making role of management and for further study.
  • Allows you to gain the ability to analyse business and management issues from the perspective of a number of social science disciplines,
  • Provides you with a solid understanding of the different functional areas of a business.
  • The degree teaches you to critically evaluate claims made on a range of management issues.
  • Addresses both foundational and contemporary management issues.

This degree is for you, if you:

  • are currently working and would like to develop your professional skills and knowledge further.
  • own a business and wish to progress yourself and your business to higher levels.
  • are interested in a career in auditing, business, banking, accountancy, economics, management consultancy, or general management.
  • are planning to pursue further training in management and corporate disciplines.

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