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Tipologia Corso
Luogo Roma
Ore di lezione 80h
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  • 80h


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Circonvallazione trionfale, 1, 00187, Roma, Italia
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Circonvallazione trionfale, 1, 00187, Roma, Italia
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Business english


To be, to have, pronouns, interrogative form

ü A, an, plurals, this, that, these, those

ü Present simple

ü possessives

ü adjectives

ü telling the time, present simple

ü adverbs of frequency

ü prepositions of time

ü can/can’t

ü like + (verb +-ing)

ü Object pronouns: me, you, him, etc.

ü Possessive pronouns: mine, yours, etc.

Past simple of be: was / were

ü Past simple regular verbs

ü Past simple irregular verbs

ü Past simple regular and irregular

ü There is / there are

ü There was / there were

ü Present continuous

ü Present simple or present continuous?

ü Be going to (plans)

ü Be going to (predictions)

ü a/an, some /any

ü how much / how many – quantifiers: a lot, not much, etc.

ü comparative adjectives

ü superlative adjectives

ü would like to / like

ü adverbs

ü present perfect

ü Present perfect or past simple

ü Greeting people: greeting and responding to greetings

ü Spelling

ü Making requests and offers

ü Money and currency

ü Methods of payment

ü Getting a credit card

ü Meeting colleagues at work: receptionist, computer operator, sales manager ect.

ü Asking for someone on the telephone

ü Making an appointment

ü Ordering by phone

ü Confirming by letter or by e-mail

ü Writing letters and to invoice

ü Office and Social Skills

ü Asking for information

ü Making suggestions

ü City, country and numbers

ü Contract and Negotiations

ü Commerce and trade

ü How to promotion sales

ü Sales technical

Marketing e Management

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