Business English for Sales & Marketing - Level I

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Obiettivo del corso: To develop and reinforce specialised skills, such as Business English within a specific area of study or Business Etiquette.
Rivolto a: For professionals and junior to middle level managers.

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Crans-Montana 1
Wallis, Svizzera


Training Description
This course offers participants the opportunity to converse in English, with skill and confidence for sales & marketing business functions and operations. Participants will be capable of defining job descriptions and responsibilities for each member of the sales & marketing team.
The course will enable participants to discuss the spectrum of external business relationships and associated responsibilities. Through group discussions and exercises, participants will identify and be capable of employing a broad knowledge of marketing terminology.

Training Objectives
· Discuss the role and responsibility of the sales & marketing team
· Describe the various job descriptions and individuals’ responsibilities
· Describe a ‘day in the life’ of a sales & marketing team member
· Explain and discuss the spectrum of business relationships with external sources required of a sales & marketing team member.

Interactive seminar, workshop and group exercises.

Alternative Suggestions;
Business English for Sales & Marketing – Level II
· Investigate the concepts of marketing
· Discuss the role of the marketing mix
· Analyse the marketing cycle
· Examine and evaluate tools and techniques in sales
· Analyse the influential role of staff in maximising sales.

Courses are delivered in-house, with the choice of facilitated learning methods; focused presentation; workshop; seminar; group exercises; simulation exercises and role-plays.
For a training solution that is as dynamic as it is effective, we propose intensive sessions of either 6, 8 or 12 hours.

Bespoke solutions are tailored to a specific need and within your time constraints.
Details and prices are based on a minimum of two, and a maximum of six participants.

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