Cross-Cultural Skills

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A Crans-Montana (Svizzera)

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Obiettivo del corso: This course aims to engage and develop professional agility and effectivenesss in managing a multicultural workforce.
Rivolto a: Managers and executives from any type of business and discipline; stumbling against the diversity of cultural differences and needing to develop an effective and active role in international business relationships.

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Wallis, Svizzera
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Course Presentation
The modern day brings us closer together but how close can we or should we get? Can we huddle together to make a collective decision?
Can one use silence as an affirmative signal?

Closer together may mean trading internationally but the culture differences means that the oceans will collide, with radically different business expectations, processes, behaviours and standards.

A team will need considerably, hot intercultural skills to manage clients in Sweden, the supplier in China and a team in Italy to overcome some of the most ingrained cultural attitudes and behaviours and calm the waters of difference.

This interactive 2-day course offers you the opportunity to ensure a smooth meeting of the oceans through the knowledge of intercultural diversity and communication.

Are you ready to be challenged? Are you ready to remove the barriers of communication in today’s borderless world of business?

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