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The following course, offered by Studying in Malta, will help you improve your
skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you
will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for
those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for
more information!

Informazioni importanti


This course is an ideal option for young adult students seeking to enter the working world. The English & Work Experience Course combines English lessons with a work placement allowing students to practise their English skills in a real working environment (20/25 hours).

This course is not only an excellent initiation into the business world but will also provide students with invaluable work experience that will enhance their CV and future career prospects.

Students combine English lessons with Work Experience sessions for a minimum period of 6 weeks. Work Experience programmes are tailored to students� individual requirements in their field of specialisation according to their level of English. The Course is flexible - students may opt to take a General English, One-to-One or Business English Course or a combination of our most suitable courses as advised by our Director of Studies.

We aim to place students in a suitable work placement before their arrival in Malta. Positions will be found in the required field according to the student's qualifications, work experience, level of English, age and length of stay. Following a student's enrolment in our course, he/she will be interviewed by the school or a company representative. After being placed in a suitable position, the student will receive a list of their prospective duties in their place of work before their arrival in Malta. All work experience is unpaid.

Students who wish to undertake an internship with no English course may avail of our Internship Placement Service. Following applications, we will place students with the most suitable company that matches your requirements.

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