The Faces of a Personality

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A Crans-Montana 1 (Svizzera)

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  • Crans-montana 1 (Svizzera)
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    2 Giorni

Obiettivo del corso: To develop and update skills and competencies in pressing market issues and current trends.
Rivolto a: Managers and executives from any type of business and discipline destined to optimise the effectiveness and development of a team and/or themselves and/or colleagues throughout the company.

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Crans-Montana 1
Wallis, Svizzera


Course Presentation
Have you ever noticed that colleagues will react quite diversely under stress? Have you wondered why it is difficult to connect to certain people or motivate a team member?
Have you dealt with people who take forever to answer a question and it frustrates you? Has a colleague presented an issue in a team meeting and you wondered whether they were in the same meeting as you?
Have you wondered why certain people are naturally good at public speaking; suited to exhibitions or networking?
Have you walked out of the manager’s office, puzzled as to why you did not ask for what you needed or angry with his/her reaction? Or maybe they were angry with you? Do you consider yourself an intuitive person, a thinker or an extravert?
This interactive short course offers you the opportunity to understand yourself, the differences in personalities and the impact these have on our lives. Learning to understand the way we react, think and work is an essential insight to personal and professional development and creating a solid team with a common language.
Using theory from a psychological model of behaviour based on works by Carl Jung; the personality concepts of Isabel Myers & Katharine Briggs and the colourful model devised in 1988 by Insights Learning and Development, you can flood rays of light onto the big picture of interpersonal dynamics; of your clients and colleagues enabling you to listen, support and engage them in a way that works for you and them, providing strategic tools to financial, operational and competitive advantage.
We challenge you to take a closer in-depth look at the faces of personality and discover your colour energy and those of your colleagues.

Course Objectives
• Discover the psychological model of behaviours and recognise their impact on daily personal and professional interaction.
• Identify and discuss different colour energies.

Course Competencies
• Evaluate, propose and employ founded knowledge in the differences of personalities as you become able to effectively listen, support and engage your entourage and begin the enjoyable path of self-understanding.
• Exploit the ‘faces of personality’ knowledge in a personal and professional environment.

Interactive lecture-discussions, workshops and case-studies.

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