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Obiettivo del corso: Acquire basic knowledge of food hazards and preventive measures to control Know the main food-borne diseases and preventive measures Knowing good hygiene practices in handling food Knowing the rules of personal hygiene to acquire right attitudes and habits Program implementation plans D.D.D. (Disinfection, rat extermination, disinfection).
Rivolto a: People with business experience, college or professional degree, as well as mid-level general education (High School).

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Mid-level general education (High School) business experience, college or professional degree.


1: Health Hazards of consumers in food

  • 1.1. Biological hazards: Bacteria. Fungi. Virus. Parasites.
  • 1.2. Bacteria. Factors favoring development. Access roads. Terms and foods that support bacterial growth. Measures to control bacterial growth and food poisoning infections. Salmonellosis, staphylococcal poisoning, botulism poisoning Cl.perfringens. Implicated food, symptoms, ways, prevention Fungi. Virus. Hepatitis-parasites: Anisakis. Trichinella
  • 1.3 .- Physical Hazards
  • 1.4. Chemical Hazards: cleaning products. Pesticides. Food allergens and latex. Toxic metals.

2: Hygiene Habits

  • 2.1. Hygiene rules for food handlers
  • 2.2 hygienic habits

3: Cleaning and Disinfection Plan

  • 3.1. What is sanitation?
  • 3.2 Procedure general sanitation
  • 3.3. Cleaning and disinfecting materials. Features detergents and disinfectants

4: Pest Control

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