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  • Scuola di specializzazione
  • In 2 sedi
  • 42 ore di lezione
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    3 Mesi
  • Crediti: 6

This course is focused on the critical success factors of the Italian luxury, an area where Italians have faced the challenges posed by globalization and recurring economic crises by optimizing product portfolios, shifting into new markets and increasing the perceived value of customer service. Italian brands are normally rich of aura and emotional content; they have an exclusive identity and a strong philosophy which tell a story, able to make customers feel unique emotions and engage. Labs of creativity and design will be combined with classes, incompany visits and guest speakers lectures. The aim is to provide an educational program deep inside the business models of leading Italian brands, the narrative elements of their identity and the value drivers which make exclusive their customers’ experience. A variety of sectors will be explored, from textiles, haute couture, shoes and jewelry to yatchs, cars, home furniture, food, hospitality, tourism services and urban

Informazioni importanti

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Via IV Novembre 114, 000187, Roma, Italia
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Via VI Novembre 114, 000187, Roma, Italia
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Domande più frequenti

· Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

1- understand the link between entrepreneurial art and entrepreneurial science in the Italian luxury sector and what are the elements which make the luxury experience in the 21st century. 2 - recognize and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities in the luxury sector. 3 - understand the value drivers which make exclusive the customers’ experience of the Made in Italy brands in the luxury sector. 4 - understand how technology, creativity, design and innovation interlink in the luxury sector. 5 - learn techniques of luxury branding and image management in the digital age.

· A chi è diretto?

This course can suit a variety of interests and participants’ profiles. Marketing and communication students, publishers, bloggers, managers, entrepreneurs, and designers with a passion for Italian style, creativity and innovation, will experience the uniqueness and true essence of the MADE IN ITALY luxury brands, and learn branding and image management techniques in the digital age.

· Requisiti

5.5.IELTS/69TOEFLis appreciated, but not mandatory.

· In cosa si differenzia questo corso dagli altri?

Discount up to 40% if take 2 or 3 other courses of the Academy is available This course requires 42 contact hours. It can be completed in short intensive formats of 2-4 weeks or in a 3-month term, combined with city and culture tours, languages and other courses.

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Critical success factors of the Italian luxury
Face the challenges posed by globalization



is Co-founder and Europe VP Sales for Ebuzzing, a European leading company for online video advertising, and has built a reputation as a successful entrepreneur in the digital advertising field. Author, speaker and professor he has a ten years experience within online adv agencies. In 2007 he founded Promodigital, a company which in a very short time became a leader in the Italian market for buzz marketing and in 2010 was bought by the French group Wikio. Forerunner of events like viral and online advertising videos, Andrea has written two best sellers, “Viral Video” and “Buzz Marketing into S


Introduction to the concept of Italian entrepreneurship. Crafting and entrepreneurial strategy; entrepreneurial mind and characteristics of the Italian entrepreneur in the luxury sector. Entrepreneurial process: from business idea to a new venture creation in the luxury sector. Business models and business plans in the luxury sector. Venture formation process; product design, development; marketing and sales. The Italian Micro-multinationals in the luxury sector vs challenges imposed by globalization and recurring crisis.Entrepreneurial resources; finding and acquiring resources; managing entrepreneurial resources in the luxury sector. Shifting into new markets. Technology, creativity and design: Intellectual property issues in the luxury. Distribution channels management in the luxury sector. Consumer and market segmentation techniques in the luxury sector. Brand management in the luxury sector. Sustainability and corporate responsibility issues. The Luxury paradox. Art, exclusivity and emotions in the 21st century luxury experience. Digital Image management in the luxury sector. Intellectual property issues.

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