Life Drawing Seminar

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  • Seminario
  • Firenze
  • 30 ore di lezione

Obiettivo del corso: to learn constructing a figure from life.
Rivolto a: to all students who are interested in different drawing and painting techniques and have not much time to attend a course in Art.

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Inizio Luogo
via Ghibellina, 116, 50122, Firenze, Italia
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Lifedrawing Seminar
This course deals with visual understanding by direct observation of the human body and it includes the acquisition of basic notions of anatomy as well as the methodology used to draw bodies and faces. Students will practice with the main drawing tools, i.e. graphite, charcoal, sanguine, pen-and-ink, pastel crayon. It is possible to combine the study of the drawing with the colour techniques such as oil or acrylic.
On every session students will draw from either female or male models posing in the nude. Quick poses will aim at teaching the sketch technique while longer poses will intend to develop the study of anatomy and of shades as well as the student’s observation abilities.
No specific artistic skills or background are required.
The workshop has a duration of 5 days, from Monday to Friday, for a total amount of 30 hours of tuition: it includes 4 hours a day of living models.

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