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In 1995, ESCP Europe created one of the first Specialised Masters in Wealth Management which, due to its success, was redesigned for the executive market in 2005.

Faced with the development of a multi-professional environment, growing internationalisation, and increasingly complex personal asset issues regarding both key players and wealth management activities in this field, ESCP Europe has decided to develop these programmes into a truly international curriculum; the only one of its kind.
The programme is entirely oriented towards international markets. It is taught over 6 months with 5 full days of classes and includes a one-week seminar in Geneva.


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Corso Unione Sovietica, 218 bis, 10134, Torino, Italia
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Corso Unione Sovietica, 218 bis, 10134, Torino, Italia
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Domande più frequenti

· A chi è diretto?

This Master is designed for wealth management students wishing to develop or deepen their knowledge in an international context. It is also aimed at law and taxation students , finance students and global management students

· In which language is held the master?

Participants have to be proficient both in French and English.

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The Environment of Wealth Management, Relationship Management and State Regulations :

  • The key players in WM
  • Comparative analysis of transversal management structures
  • International Wealth Activities
  • Sales in Wealth Management and transnational culture
  • Client relations management
  • CH Compliance rules and ethics
  • CH Collateral financial agreements and state regulation
  • Individual and wealth taxes

Law and Taxation of Private Assets- comparative international analysis :

  • Private assets law
    • Matrimonial law
    • Gift and inheritance law
    • Comparative law & international private law
    • Transnational Estate planning
  • Taxation of private assets
    • Direct taxation
    • ISF Wealth Tax
    • Non-resident French taxation
    • IR and ISF tax treaties
    • Tax inspection and abuse of law
    • European taxation of savings
    • Gift and inheritance taxation
    • International inheritance taxation
    • Tax havens and NCST

Global Estate Planning :

  • Real estate investments
    • Real estate law
    • Transnational real estate taxation
    • Real estate taxation (Registration, income and capital gains taxes)
    • Usufruct and French real estate strategies
    • Transnational real estate investment structures
    • CH Bank loans and collateral
  • Life insurance
    • French life insurance (law and taxation)
    • Non-French life insurance
    • CH Comparative financial study life insurance products
  • Trusts
    • GB Common Law trusts
    • French trust taxation
    • French fiduciary structures
    • Foreign fiduciary structures

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management :

  • Quantitative methods
  • Capital markets
  • Portfolio management
  • Private equity
  • Behavioural finance and private banking
  • Fund organisation and performance measurement
  • Bond portfolio management
  • Risk management

Alternative Investment Strategies :

  • GB Alternative management
  • CH Commodities
  • CH Structured products
  • GB Islamic finance
  • GB Art and international WM
  • Charities and philanthropy

Wealth Management and Corporate Structures :

  • Tax and legal corporate strategies
  • Corporate taxation
  • Company transfers (sales, donation, inheritance)
  • Transfer of professional assets
  • Foreign holdings companies (set-up, taxation, agreements)

Personal Financial Planning Strategies :

  • Pension and employee saving schemes/comparative study
  • Remuneration packages
  • Split pay roll / stock options / international mobility
  • Usufruct and French financial strategies
  • International tax planning

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