MBA focused in global changes in administration

Official Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
A Madrid (Spagna)

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  • Master
  • Madrid (Spagna)
  • Durata:
    11 Mesi
  • Quando:
  • Crediti: 60

The Master's in Business administration (MBA) provided by the Comillas Pontifical University relies on an agenda concerned to providing the most modern and strategic perspective of business, making sure its students are capable of managing different situations in decision making. The program focus on a global strategic perspective, working on all features of global integration, providing the most modern information in business administration nowadays in the world, giving the students a wide range of abilities and tools in management aspects.

Informazioni importanti

Dove e quando

Inizio Luogo Orario
C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid, Spagna
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Domande più frequenti

· Quali sono gli obiettivi del corso?

Providing a strategic vision of business and the environment that surrounds and modifies it; To promote the comprehension of all modifying aspects concerning the company and how they can affect strategic management; Develop abilities concerning the recognition of all factors that can influence business, whether intrinsic or not; Giving the students enough skills to enhance their ability of decision making, leadership and teamwork; Enhance the student's abilities on planning and organizing a professional career plan based on initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

· A chi è diretto?

Students holding a university degree with little work experience but who seek to promote their skills and engage in business management.

· Requisiti

Hold or justify that they will soon be given a Bachelor's or Licentiate Degree; a Degree in Architecture or Engineering, or equivalent from other university. Solid academic record and profeciency in English may be helpful; Proficiency in Spanish;

· In cosa si differenzia questo corso dagli altri?

This programme is recognized internationally for its quality teaching, related to a combination of theoretical knowledge and interactive learning.

· Quali saranno i passi successivi alla richiesta di informazioni?

The student must submit its application by filling an online form and delivering it with the demanded documents until the deadline.

Cosa impari in questo corso?

Business plan
Management Planning
Management Operations


1st Term:
  • Ethics and Sustainability
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Finances
  • Decision Making based on data analisys
  • The global standard of Business
  • Marketing management
  • Optional 1
  • Master's Thesis
2nd Term:
  • Accounting
  • Operations management
  • The action strategy
  • Leadership and change
  • Consulting
  • Intercultural management
  • Corporatist government
  • Optional 2, 3 and 4
* Optional subjects: Industry and Technology, Finance, Marketing and Management.

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Ulteriori informazioni

The teaching process is based on practical and learning activities, using seminars and conferences in interective lectures. It also contains an ''outdoor education'' methodology, that allows the participants to apply all this theoretical knowledge in real-life problems.

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