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Obiettivo del corso: The purpose of courses is to give essential and fundamental means, practical and theorical,to make simple the undersating of drawing and interpretaiton of human body. These means, when acquired, will allow at the specific draw of figure and general drawing, even in absence of living model.
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Course of Drawing from life proposes a deeper study of drawing oh human figure, through the knowledge of anatomy in general and drawing from life.
Course is integrated by a brief iconographical course (study of image) and iconological (study of the meaning inborned into image), useful to optimize int eunderstanding, to an evolutive and functional level, of figure on art.
Purpose: inquire of various expressions forms adopted by artists from greek art to contemporary art.
Lessons are 12, lenght: 3 hours, once a week. Course is three month, six month or annual, and classes are for a maximum of 8 students.

drawing from life:

  • Basis drawing: construction of figure, propotions, inclinations, insertion of image on space.
  • Drawing from life: figure and line of contour.
  • Study of chiaroscuro: incidence of light on subject:studyof light and shade and different techniques of chiaroscuro.
  • Drawing from life: figure and volume.

general anatomy:

  • Skeleton: segment of bones essential to construction of drawing
  • Muscles: reference that models body.
  • Mimic muscles-portrait, muscles of trunk, muscles of upper and lower limb
  • Joints: study of figure in a static and dynamic attitude.