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Obiettivo del corso: Per iscriversi al corso di formazione è necesasrio compilare il formulario. Il corso si incentrerà sull'amminsitrazione del sistema operativo AIX su architettura IBM pSeries. il corso, inoltre, sarà la metro di valutazione per le nuove assunzioni relative all'incremento dell'organico della ITDM.
Rivolto a: diplomati, laureati, disoccupati.


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via Maso Carrese 23, 80078, Napoli, Italia
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via Maso Carrese 23, 80078, Napoli, Italia
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conoscenze informatiche di base


• System startup problem handling.
• Boot process
• Power on sequence, LEDs, and audio signals
• Useful commands for boot
• Troubleshooting boot problems
• Accessing a system that will not boot
• Common boot time LED error codes and recovery actions
• Hardware assistance
• Listing hardware devices
• Configuring system devices
• System management services
• Hardware device compatibility
• Using the lsattr command.
• The system error log
• Diagnosing hardware problems
• The system log.
• Setting up an ASCII terminal
• System and software installation
• Base Operating System installation
• Advanced Options installation
• Configuration Assistant
• Understanding maintenance levels
• Software packaging
• Installing optional software and service updates.
• Maintaining optional software (applying updates)
• Creating installation images on a hard disk
• Alternate disk installation
• Basic Command
• Save the output from an AIX command in a file
• Use the contents of a file as input to an AIX command
• Use a pipeline to pass output from one AIX command to another command
• Password
• Setting Up a Login Session
• Display and change the terminal setup using the TERM variable
• Control the initial login actions of the Korn shell
• Set prompt to display current directory
• Use Shell history (e.g., C shell, Korn shell, etc.)
• Save a CDE environment
• AIX System Screen Editor (vi)
• Vi command
• Set vi options
• Managing Files
• Copy, move, remove, and rename AIX files
• Create, remove, and rename directories
• Use the commands to locate files (e.g., where, find)
• Use the chmod and chown
• AIX File System concept
• Distinguish between a regular AIX file and an AIX directory
• Choose appropriate names for AIX files
• Identify and manipulate AIX files using path names
• Navigate within the AIX file system
• Disk space
• Use links
• Storage management, LVM, and file systems
• Logical volume storage concepts
• Logical Volume Manage
• Managing physical volumes
• Managing volume groups
• Managing logical volumes
• Managing journaled file systems
• Troubleshooting file system problems
• Object Data Manage
• ODM commands
• Example of an object class for an ODM database
• System paging space
• Paging space overview.
• Managing paging spaces
• System backup, restores, and availability
• The mksysb command
• Backing up user information
• Restoring information from backup media
• Cloning your system.
• Creating a duplicate copy of a diskette
• Duplicating a magnetic tape
• Special file notes for rmt
• Process Creation and Control
• Manage Process
• Create shell scripts
• Run shell scripts
• Stop/Show Status of Processes (i.e., ps command)
• System Resource Controller administration
• Use SRC
• Refreshing a daemon
• The cron daemon
• Network administration
• Stopping and restarting TCP/IP daemons.
• System boot without starting rc.tcpip
• Internet addressing.
• Host name resolution
• Routing
• Network security.
• Basic network problem determination
• Network File System administration.
• NFS services
• Administration of NFS servers and clients
• NFS files, commands, and daemons reference.
• NFS problem determination
• System performance
• User administration
• Overview
• User administration related commands.
• User administration related files
• User administration tasks
• Common login errors
• Printing
• Creating a new print queue
• The print configuration file
• Controlling the print queue
• Stop & Start print queue
• Flushing a print job
• How to check the print spooler
• Setting the time out on a printe
• Basic printer diagnostics checklist
• Sendmail and e-mail
• Overview of mail system.
• Mail daemons.
• Mail queue directory: /var/spool/mqueue
• Mail logs.
• Mail aliasing and forwarding
• Mail addressing
• Storing mail
• Mail administrator’s reference

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