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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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· Requisiti


You should complete:

  • An Introduction to the z/OS Environment (ES050)
  • Fundamental System Skills in z/OS (ES10A)
  • z/OS Facilities (ES150)
  • z/OS VSAM and Access Method Services (SS830)
  • or have equivalent experience

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Target del corso

This is a basic course for system programmers with no SMP/E experience, who plan to use SMP/E for system and subsystem maintenance and installation.


Contenuti del corso

Develop the skills necessary to use the curent release of System Modification Program /Extended (SMP/E) to install and maintain z/OS and its base elements and optional features. Learn to define the SMP/E database and envoke SMP/E to add, modify, or replace system elements.

Hands-On Labs

Ten hands on labs are included to address using SMP/E dialogs; RECEIVE, APPLY, ACCEPT, and REJECT processing; BUILDMCS, and error analysis.

Training Path

This course is part of an IBM Training Path. Taking this course in the recommended sequence allows you to maximize the benefits from your education.

Contenuti dettagliati del corso

SMP/E SYSMOD structure

    describe the components that make up a SYSMOD list the information provided by the components of a SYSMOD use SMP/E dialogs to create a SYSMOD list the SYSMOD processing phases

SYSMOD packaging

    describe the Modification Control Statements (MCS) that make up a SYSMOD describe the information contained in the SYSMOD MCS statements create a the MCS for a USERMOD SYSMOD list the three packaging techniques used to create SYSMODs

Consolidated Software Inventory (CSI) structure, zones, and entries

    describe the data set structure and initialization process of the CSI list the zones that make up the CSI describe the entries contained in the zones of the CSI create a CSI describe the zone management commands and how to use them to manipulate the CSI

SMP/E execution requirements

    list the methods to invoke SMP/E list the data sets required in executing a SMP/E process describe the different methods for allocating data sets for SMP/E processing execute SMP/E using a procedure and Job Control Language (JCL)


    define the commands used to process a SYSMOD use the parameters of the SMP/E commands to build a candidate list of SYSMODs to be processed use the SMP/E reports to determine the status of SYSMODs install a Function SYSMOD using the SMP/E commands

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