TM337G IBM Tivoli Business Services Manager 6.1.1 for Administrators

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A continuazione troverai il programma di questo corso disegnato per migliorare le tue competenze e permetterti di realizzare gli obiettivi stabiliti.
Tivoli Business Service Manager provides tools to model and track the status of business processes. Business service models use rules to create a hierarchy of related business services. The rules and service models show the immediate business impact of low-level service outages on higher-level business services. In this course you learn how to develop, manage, and build service models, configure service dashboards, and manage a Tivoli Business Service Manager deployment. You will learn how to use the Jazz for Service Management tools to visualize service model data and data from other applications. You will also learn to customize dashboard content for different target audiences and platforms, including mobile devices.


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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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  • Business Service Management overview
  • Starting and stopping Tivoli Business Service Manager components
  • Creating templates and incoming status rules
  • Creating template dependencies
  • Creating and testing service instances
  • Expanding service matching flexibility
  • Expanding service identification fields
  • Creating multiple instances for the same node
  • Creating and testing output expressions
  • Creating numerical incoming status rules and customizing the service tree
  • Creating average response rules for a parent service
  • Using weighted averages in aggregation rules
  • Service level agreement overview
  • Creating service level agreements
  • Testing and analyzing service level agreement operations
  • Creating and using maintenance schedules
  • Creating services with business data
  • Aggregating business data in parent templates
  • External Service Dependency Adapter rule basics
  • Expanding the ESDA rule scope
  • Creating child services with Tivoli Business Service Manager policies
  • Creating services with events and automatic population rules
  • Creating services with data fetchers and automatic population rules
  • Creating services from discovered resources
  • Creating service models with the Business Service Composer and discovered resources
  • Tivoli Business Service Manager security overview
  • Configuring Tivoli Business Service Manager to use LDAP
  • Configuring secure communications with an LDAP server
  • Managing access with authorization roles
  • Dashboard tools overview
  • Data connections
  • Creating dashboard pages
  • Managing dashboards
  • Creating and configuring services with the command line
  • Exporting and importing deployment customizations with the command line
  • Deployment administration
  • Troubleshooting and support resources
  • Tuning the Tivoli Integrated Portal server
  • Configuring single sign-on

Each participant will have a station set up with operating systems and software needed for the exercises.

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