Wide Area Application Services 2.0

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A Milano, Rivoli e Roma

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Obiettivo del corso: Five-day ILT covering the WAAS v4.1 "Davis" product, especially for channel SEs and FEs. WAAS Mobile is also covered. This is a fundamentals course that can stand-alone for knowedge and skill content. It can also be foundational as a prerequisite for more advanced Design and Troubleshooting courses. This ILT will also be the basis for a derivative WBT offering.
Rivolto a: Channel Partner / Reseller Customer Employee.

Informazioni importanti

Dove e quando

Inizio Luogo
Via dei Missaglia 97, 20100, Milano, Italia
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Corso Susa 242, 10098, Torino, Italia
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Via Barberini, 29, 00187, Roma, Italia
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· Requisiti

For WAAS implementation content, CCNA with CCNP strongly recommended; SEs should have CCDA. Background in TCP and exposure to layer 7 protocols also recommended.


Design and deploy a solution using Cisco WAAS v4.1 that optimizes and accelerates application performance over the WAN while enabling infrastructure consolidation from branches to data center.

Understand Cisco WAAS hardware / software technology, design considerations, network integration, and system troubleshooting aspects. Also design and deploy WAAS Mobile clients.

Caratteristiche del corso

Module 1 of 6: Cisco Wide Area Application Services.

Module 2 of 6: WAAS Quick Start

  • Module 2 > Activity 1: WAAS Quick Start (In-Line)

Module 3 of 6: Implementation, Integration, Management

  • Module 3 > Activity 1: Configure the NME-WAE and WCCP
  • Module 3 > Activity 2: Configure Cisco WAAS Virtual Blade
  • Module 3 > Activity 3: Configure Application Traffic Policies, Device Groups and Disk Encryption.

Module 4 of 6: Cisco WAAS Application Optimizers

  • Module 4 > Activity 1: Configure Application Optimizers and Printing

Module 5 of 6: Cisco WAAS Design and Troubleshooting

Module 6 of 6: Cisco WAAS Mobile Client Solution

  • Module 6 > Activity 1: Configure Cisco WAAS Mobile Client

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