Working on Photovoltaic Systems

Infol - Innovazione Formazione Orientamento e Lavoro
A Roma

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  • Laboratorio intensivo
  • Livello intermedio
  • Roma
  • 4 ore di lezione
  • Durata:
    10 Giorni

This stage, organized Infol and Ecowork, has the target to improve the knowledge of the Phovoltaic systems in countries that are not familiar with this way of producing energy.During the last 6 years the PVS has become one of the most important alternative to traditional ways of producing electric energy. The stage has the duration of two weeks and examines in depth, theoretical and practical aspects of PVS. The first part of the stage will be held in Infol with specialized teachers, the second part consists in several hours of practice spent within industries specialized in modules and inverters that are partners in our Ecowork consortium here in Italy.During the stage participants will perform practical exercises to improve personal technical knowledges.

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via Ferruccio Zambonini 26, 00158, Roma, Italia
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Knowledge of the English language

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To improve the knowledge of the Phovoltaic systems
Technical knowledges
Technical english
Theoretical and practical aspects of photovoltaic systems


Cipriano Bartoletti
Cipriano Bartoletti

Cipriano Bartoletti was born in Rome in 1944. In 1966 was engaged by Olivetti S.p.A., working in the Research & Development Dept. His main occupation was designing of digital circuitry for desk-computers (P101, Classe 28 etc.) and the characterisation of DTL Logic Family (recently entered) for introducing it in Olivetti's computer manufacturing. In 1969 begins his collaboration with G. Sacerdoti, Professor of Electrical Measurement in the Electrical Engineering Dept. at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Bartoletti worked in designing of innovative instrumentation, measurement systems and

Fabio Leccese
Fabio Leccese

He was born in 1974. He received the Electronic Engineering degree and the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering from "Roma Tre" University, Rome, Italy, in 2001 and in 2004 respectively. He is currently with the Department of Electronic Engineering, "Rome Tre" University, as an assistant professor. He is mainly interested to the Power Quality, Signal Analysis, alternative energies and Wireless Sensor Network. He is author of more than 60 publications on International Congress and International Journals findable on the most important research engine. He is mainly interested to the Power Qual


  • Analysis of the theory of renewable energy sources
  • Energy from solar
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Components of a photovoltaic system
  • Operation of a photovoltaic cell and types of cells
  • Types of connection of a photovoltaic system
  • Design principles of a photovoltaic system
  • Installation of a photovoltaic system and protective systems
  • Examples of executive planning
  • Maintanance of a photovoltaic system

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