Creating Investment Projects in the Industrial Sector (Caracas)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
A Caracas, Venezuela (Venezuela)

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  • Caracas, venezuela (Venezuela)
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    5 Days
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By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to: Learn how support and advisory services for industry can be strengthened. Determine the support programme to restructure, upgrade and increase competitiveness in companies in priority sub-sectors. Create and maintain Statistical and Information Networks. Identify the strategies relevant in Promoting Research and Development (R & D) Incentivisation. Analyse the Nissan UK-European case. Be familiar with the Taiwanese offshoring hosting.
Suitable for: This course designed for: Investors, Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, Financial Analysts, Industrial Analysts, Business Development Managers, Business Owners. Entrepreneurs

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Requisiti: Degree or Work Experience


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Caracas, Venezuela
Avenue Casanova, 1050, Miranda, Venezuela
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Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Creating Industrial Attractiveness: Attracting National And Internal Capital Funding

Industrial Policy and Strategy
  • Strengthening Support and Advisory Services for Industry
  • Support Programme to Restructure, Upgrade and Increase Competitiveness in Companies in Priority Sub-Sectors
  • Creating and Maintaining Statistical and Information Networks
  • Promoting Research and Development (R & D) Incentivisation
Inward Investment for Local, National and Regional Regeneration and Sustainability
  • The Nissan UK-European Example
  • The Taiwanese Offshoring Hosting
Using International Rating Agencies and Events to Stimulating Industrial Investment:
  • ‘Fitch Ratings’ System
  • Standard and Poor's Rating
  • Moody's Investors Service’s Rating
  • International Investment Forum "Sochi-2008"- The Russian Example: A Regeneration Attempt
How Not To Incentivise Investment: Examples of Failed or Thwarted Initiatives
  • The ‘British-Delorum’ Example
  • ‘Car Plant for a Pound (£1.00)’
  • The Rover-BMW Fiasco
  • British Steel VS Corus of the Netherlands
  • Catastrophic Tax Havens
  • Discouraging Non-Preferential Investment: The Irish Textile Factory Rejection
Improving National Economic Attractiveness A Competitive Tax System

Creating an Attractive Economic Environment for the Investor

  • A Favourable Environment for Businesses
  • Boosting Research and Innovation
  • The French Example
  • Establishing Projects
Establishing Projects To Improve France’s Economic Attractiveness
  • Improve Conditions for Incoming Executives and Management Personnel
  • Attract the Best Students
  • Attracting the Best Research Scientists
  • Favour the Return of Homegrown Talent
  • Promote the Competitive Nature of Our Legal System
  • Simplify Essential Administrative Tasks
  • France In 2006
Synthesis of Trends in Economic Attractiveness
  • Improving National and International Economic Appeal
  • An Attractive Economic Environment for the Investor
  • Improve Conditions for Incoming Executives and Management Personnel
  • Improvement of Competitiveness and Support to the Industrial Restructuring
  • The Role of Development Banks in Stimulating and Maintaining Industrial Investment
Legal, Operational And Funding Issues In Industrial Investment Projects

Legal Issues for Potential Investors
  • Company Legal Status Categorisation
  • Factors Associated With a Choice of Legal Status of a Company
  • Issues in Favour of and Mitigating Against Particular Legal Status
  • Legal Requirement for Company Formation
  • Company Legal Status and Reporting Requirement
  • Company Legal Status and Accounting Requirement
  • Company Legal Status and Accounting Reporting
  • International Trade and Legal Requirement
  • Import and Export vs. National, Regional and International Embargo
Operational Support for Investment Projects
  • Determining Product Needs and Wants
  • Scientific Research
  • Funding Scientific Research
  • Utilising Pre-existing Scientific Research Findings
  • Social Research
  • Social Research: A Practical Guide
  • Using Marketing Research Agents
  • Calculating Depreciation
  • ‘Accounting Depreciation’ VS ‘Real Depreciation’
  • Calculating Fixed Costs
  • Calculating Rates of |return on Investment
  • Calculating Variable Costs
Investment Funding Sources
  • National Governments
  • Social Development Funds
  • Investment Banks
  • National Development Banks
  • Regional Development Banks
  • Commercial Banks
  • Economic Development Funds
  • City Regeneration Funds
  • Regional Governments
  • The World Bank
  • Venture Capitalists
  • International Venture Capitalists
  • Angels
  • Dragons
Developing Industrial Investment Projects: A Practical Guide
  • Confirmation of Project Concept:
  • Validation of business opportunity
  • Identification of feasibility conditions.
  • Assembling the consortium
  • Bringing together the right partners for optimising synergy
  • Selection and Acquisition of Technology or Process
  • Confirm technology or process selection;
  • Negotiate technology or process transfer from owner to project.
  • Coordination of Studies
  • Prepare terms of reference, assist in selection of professionals;
  • Coordinate market, engineering and raw materials supply studies.
  • Negotiation of Commercial Agreements
  • Negotiating commercial agreements between partners or with third parties, such as:
  • Marketing Agreements,
  • Raw Materials
  • Utilities Supply
  • Agreements
  • Legal and Organizational Development
  • Interface with legal advisors
  • Development of organizational structures for implementation and operations.
  • Financial Engineering
  • Define fund requirements and develop financial structure.
  • Integrating Documentation for Decision Making
  • Drafting memorandum of information for decision making by equity investors and lenders.
  • Financing
  • Securing equity and debt financing
  • Owners Representation