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Ready for Part 2? Learn by doing and transform your house and domestic life into 30 projects.You will learn to develop some basic design attitudes for better understanding the mechanics of today’s world.

One step at a time, you will learn that “design” is foremost a language. A language shared, talked and discussed by designers from all over the world.

How does the world look through the special lenses of "design"? Along the way, you will learn about a considerably high number of things. Starting from your very own self.

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Design Methodology


Spaces, furniture, objects, memories... Our houses are composed of fascinating elements. In this part of the Design 1o1 Redux, we will rethink these components in order to design our own “homes”, the places where we live (or, “where the heart is” as Pliny the Elder would say).

Can we trap time into space? How to frame the ordinary? These are some of the many things we will explore!

To do so, we will work with all kinds of cool apps for phones and tablets (do you have a smartphone or tablet?). We will also share our works with the others on Instagram, using special hashtags.

Course Structure

Our various activities will be divided into 8 weeks:

Week 1: My Room

Week 2: My Kitchen

Week 3: My Garden

Week 4: My Guests

Week 5: My Basement

Week 6: My Show

Week 7: My Exam

Week 8: My Brea