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The free online Diploma in General Science course from ALISON is ideal for anyone who wants to gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of key subjects in biology, chemistry and physics. In biology you will covers subjects such as cell theory, genetics and evolution; in chemistry you will cover subjects such as atoms, molecules and the periodic table; and in physics you will cover subjects such as magnetism, electricity and sound. This Diploma course will be of great interest to those who want to further improve their knowledge and understanding of general science, and will greatly enhance your career prospects.

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Environmental Science


Module Title Organisms, Nutrients and Digestion Cell theory Main activities and principles of cells Types of Cells Cellular Respiration Molecules found in cells Enzymes Inorganic material Passage Through Membranes Life Cycle Basal Metabolic Rate Regulation of Body Temperature in Animals Responses to Environmental Effects Surface Area to Volume Ratio Homeostasis - Feedback Mechanisms Photosynthesis Disease Transmission of Pathogens and Parasites in Animals and Plants Plant Hormones and Their Actions Experimental Method and Design Nervous System Natural Selection Evolution Human evolution Patterns of evolution Phylogenetic trees Relative dating Biology: Meiosis Mitosis Mitosis videos Population genetics Pedigrees Inheritance Genetic inheritance Mendel's work Incomplete (partial) dominance Inheritance at one gene locus Test crosses Punnett square method of calculation Chromosomes and coding instructions Protein synthesis Mutations and mutagens DNA Science Gene expression Gene mapping Gene technology Tools and techniques of the biotechnologist Implications and Issues The implications of gene technology Karyotyping Linkage Cytokinesis The periodic table Using symbols Atoms Molecules Elements and compounds Chemical bonds Chemical reactions Reactions Atoms and molecules - summary Atoms and molecules glossary Ions Particles Gases, liquids and solids Mixtures Acids Bases pH scale pH meters Acid-base indicators Acids and bases - summary Chromatography Solidification Decanting to separate liquids Dissolving and precipitation Evaporation and distillation Evaporation Filtration Detecting gases Separation techniques ALISON’s Diploma Courses category includes diploma-level courses in a variety of professional subjects, such as project management, business management and entrepreneurship, HR, web design, psychology, customer service, programming, social media marketing, children’s studies, nursing and patient care, social work, IT management, statistics, mental health, Six Sigma, teaching skills for educators, carpentry, supply chain management, international tourism, and PE. These diploma-level courses will give the learner a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Upon successful graduation, the student will have gained valuable skills and training that will greatly enhance employability and career prospects. The category also includes an innovative work-force re-entry skills advanced diploma that will be of interest to anyone re-entering the workforce after an extended absence.