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Analyzing Business Data with Excel shows you how to solve real-world business problems by taking Excel’s data analysis features to the maximum, rather than focusing on individual Excel functions and features. Microsoft Excel still remains the top Business Intelligence tool in use today, and it will continue its reign despite marketing efforts of other BI technology vendors. Since most of the organizations already have highly skilled Excel users, they migrate swiftly to a self-service BI capability and tend to create their own BI solution intuitively without much dependence on IT. This course familiarizes you with some of the most powerful features of MS Excel, its treasure of functions. Besides explaining the preliminary concepts of cell references, it also covers some of the lesser known utilities.

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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to understand the concepts of cell references, Appreciate some of the amazing features of Excel’s Backstage view, Utilize the data protection capabilities of worksheets, Explore some of the amazing and lesser known functions aimed at providing meaningful information.

Requisiti: Some knowledge about basic data warehousing and data modelling concepts would be an added advantage. Working knowledge with Excel is mandatory.


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MS Excel


This Course Consists of the following contents- 1.Navigating worksheets, 2.Understanding Cell References, 3.The Backstage view - Analysis Perspective, 4.Printing Worksheets - Print Area, Headers /Footers, 5.Excel protection features (password Protecting sheets, and hiding Formula), 6.Exporting Excel data to other formats - CSV, PDF, and others, 7.Useful Text Functions – TEXT, CONCATENATE, INSTR, REPT, etc., 8.Important Date Functions – EOMONTH, NETWORKDAYS, etc., Common Financial Functions – NPER, PV, PMT, etc., Exploring Volatile Functions - TODAY, NOW, RAND, RANDBETWEEN, etc., Using weighted average and RANK function for scorecards. Through these subjects skills are developed and knowledge is acquired in order to fulfil a position or job efficiently and with confidence. Our online methodology makes it easier to combine your professional and personal life. Even you have a busy day to day live, this course adapts itself to your routine. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister, leading educational portal.

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This Course is made for Students and the Self-service business intelligence tools are becoming more and more desirable, and robust, as companies look for ways to enable all types of users, including casual users, power users, and executives to independently perform new queries, reports, analytics, and dashboards. Self-service BI has been a hot topic for the last several years because of the potential benefits it can offer organizations.