Don't Stress It - A Healthy Habits Foundation To Managing Stress

Mariana Calleja MD

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Stress is the enemy of the overworked house-runner or parent, the employee struggling to make ends meet, and the busy self-employed entrepreneur. Once it’s at work, it strips you of your health, bit by bit, day by day – and at first, you’re barely aware of it at a conscious level. You consider it a trivial annoyance, nothing more.

In fact, stress is about as far from trivial as it’s possible to get.

It’s a health-wrecker.

It’s a bomb detonated in the middle of your future.

So I made a course to disarm it, step by step – starting today.

Informazioni importanti
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Learn how to understand the effects of stress and the effects on your body.
Learn to manage stress through building a healthy habit routine.
Learn the basics on how to build healthy habits that stick.
Learn how to create and build your own healthy habits.


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Stress Management
Stress and Anxiety
Stress-related risks
Habit Formation
Healthy Habits
Long-term Health
Basic Health


8 lessons via email that will cover the next topics:

Understanding stress and it's effects on the human body
Basic science to habit formation
Understanding your own body
The basics to a healthy body performance
Basics on hydration
Basics on sleep 
Basics on physical exercise 
Wrap up and conclusions


8 Challenges after each lesson
Group Support
Medical Guidance and Support