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Excel 2007

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This Course will teach you everything you need to know to becoome an expert in Microsoft Exel 2007.
Suitable for: Whether you're a total beginner who has no Excel experience, or even if you have a great deal of experience, you'll benefit from this well rounded beginner to advanced online course.

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Requisiti: You will need a copy of Excel 2007 because the new interface has changed drastically from older versions.

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MS Excel 2007 Level One

Lesson 1 - Exploring the Excel Environment
Exploring the Excel Environment
Microsoft Office Excel 2007
The Excel Application Window
The Microsoft Office Button
Demo - Explore User Interface
Lab - Explore User Interface
The Ribbon
Demo - Ribbon
Lab - Exploring the Ribbon
The Quick Access Toolbar
Demo - Quick Access Toolbar
The Microsoft Office Window Frame
The Home Tab
The Insert Tab
The Page Layout Tab
The Formulas Tab
The Data Tab
The Review Tab
The View Tab
Dialog Box Launchers
The Excel Help Window
Demo - Help
Lab - Obtaining Help
The Excel Help Toolbar
Customization Options
Lab - Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Lesson 1 Review

Lesson 2 - Working with an Excel Worksheet
Working with an Excel Worksheet
Mouse Navigation Options
Demo - Navigation
Lab - Navigation in Excel
The New Workbook Dialog Box
The Mini Toolbar
Demo - Enter Data
Lab - Selecting an Entering Data
File Formats
Demo - Saving
Lab - Saving a Workbook
Lab - Converting an XLS Workbook to an XLSX Workbook
Lab - Saving a Workbook in XLS Format
Lesson 2 Review

Lesson 3 - Modify a Worksheet
Modify a Worksheet
Undo and Redo
Demo - Editing
Auto Fill
Demo - Auto Fill
The Find Command
The Replace Command
Demo - Find and Replace
Lab - Searching for Data in a Worksheet
Cell References
Cell Names
Demo - Insert cells
The Go To Command
Lab - Locating a Cell in a Worksheet
The Spelling Dialog Box
Demo - Spell Check
Lab - Spell Checking a Worksheet
Lesson 3 Review

Lesson 4 - Performing Calculations
Performing Calculations
Excel Formulas
The Formula Bar
Demo - Formula
Lab - Creating Basic Formulas
The Order of Operations
Formula AutoComplete
Demo - Functions Lab - Calculating with other Basic Functions
Relative References
Demo - Coping Formulas and Functions
Lab - Coping Formulas and Functions
Absolute Reference
Demo - Absolute
Lab - Creating an Absolute Reference
Mixed References
Lab - Creating a Mixed Reference
Lesson 4 Review

Lesson 5 - Formatting a Worksheet
Formatting a Worksheet
Demo - Text to Column
Lab - Converting Text to Columns
Demo - Fonts
Lab - Modifying Fonts
The Format Cells Dialog Box
Lab - Adding Borders and Colors to Cells
Lab - Transposing Data While Pasting Content
Demo - Column Widths and Row Height
Lab - Changing Column Width and Row Height
Live Preview
Number Formats
Lab - Applying Number Formats
Lab - Aligning Cell Contents
Demo - Merge and Split Cells
Lab - Merging Cells
Demo - Format Number
Demo - Find and Replace Formats
Lab - Replacing Formats
Lab - Applying an AutoFormat
Cell Styles
Demo - Styles
Lab - Applying Cell Styles
Lab - Applying Themes
Lesson 5 Review

Lesson 6 - Developing a Workbook
Developing a Workbook
Worksheet Tabs
Demo - Format Worksheet Tabs
Lab - Formatting Worksheet Tabs
Insert and Delete Worksheets
Demo - Insert and Delete Sheets
Lab - Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
Lab - Copying and Pasting Worksheet
Lesson 6 Review

Lesson 7 - Printing Workbook Contents
Printing Workbook Contents
Demo - Print Titles
Demo - Headers and Footers
Lab - Creating a Header and Footer Header Dialog Box
Page Margins
Lab - Setting Page Margins
Page Orientation
Demo - Margins Orientation
Lab - Changing Page Orientation
Page Breaks
Demo - Page Breaks
Lab - Setting Page Breaks
Lesson 7 Review

Lesson 8 - Customizing Layout
Customizing Layout
Split Worksheet
Demo - Window Split
Lab - Splitting a Worksheet
Freeze and Unfreeze
Lab - Freezing and Unfreezing Rows and Columns
Demo - Arrange
Lab - Arranging Worksheets in New Windows
Lab - Hiding and Unhiding Worksheet
Lesson 8 Review

MS Excel 2007 Level Two

Lesson 1 - Enhancing Workbooks
Enhancing Workbooks Personalize Options
Demo - Excel Options
Lab - Customizing the Excel Interface
Color Scheme
Modified Excel Environment in Windows Vistas (Black)
Built-In Theme Options
Create New Theme Colors Options
Create New Theme Fonts Options
Demo - Custom Worksheet
Lab - Customizing an Excel Worksheet
Lab - Enhancing Worksheets using Themes
Demo - Comments
Lab - Manipulating Comments
Demo - Creating Hyperlinks
Lab - Creating a Hyperlink to an Existing File
Lab - Editing and Removing Hyperlinks
Research Task Pane
Demo - Research
Lab - Using Web-Based Research Tools
Lesson 1 Review

Lesson 2 - Creating Workbooks Using Templates
Creating Workbooks Using Templates The Expense Template
Demo - Using Templates
Lab - Creating a Workbook from a Template
Types of Excel Templates
An Example of a Custom Template
Demo - Creating Templates
Lab - Creating a Custom Template
Lesson 2 Review

Lesson 3 - Organizing Data Using Tables
Organizing Data Using Table sAn Excel Table
Demo - Create Table
Lab - Creating a Table Using the Default Table Style
Demo - Table Styles
Lab - Creating a Table Using the Desired Table Style
Lab - Modifying a Table
Lab - Formatting a Table
Lab - Creating a Custom Table Style
Lesson 3 Review

Lesson 4 - Presenting Data Using Charts
Presenting Data Using Charts Create A Chart
Demo - Create A Chart
Lab - Modifying a Table
Modify Charts
Lab - Modify a Chart
Demo - Changing a Chart Type
Format Charts
Lab - Formatting a Chart
Lab - Creating a Chart Template
Share Charts
Demo - Move Chart
Lab - Sharing a Chart
Lesson 4 Review

Lesson 5 - Analyzing Data Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
Analyzing Data Using PivotTables and PivotChartsSource Data for a PivotTable
Summarizing Data with a PivotTable
A PivotTable Report
Demo - Create Pivot
Lab - Performing Calculations Using a PivotTable
A PivotChart
Demo - Pivot Chart
Lab - Creating a Pivot Chart
An Existing PivotTable and Corresponding PivotChart
Demo - Modify Pivot
Lesson 5 Review

Lesson 6 - Enhancing Visual Appeal Using Graphic Objects
Enhancing Visual Appeal Using Graphic Objects
Graphic Objects
Demo - Insert and Modify Picture
Lab - Inserting a Picture in a Worksheet
Lab - Modifying Pictures
Lab - Applying Picture Shape to a Graphic
Lab - Drawing and Modifying Shapes
Lab - Rotating Shapes
Lab - Layering Graphics
Demo - Smart Art
Lab - Inserting a SmartArt Graphic
Lab - Modifying a SmartArt Graphic
Lab - Grouping Objects
Demo - Clipart
Lesson 6 Review

Lesson 7 - Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas
Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas Range Names
Demo - Create Name
Lab - Naming a Range
Lab - Renaming a Range
Lab - Using Named Regions in Formula Calculations
Lab - Adding Columns to a Worksheet Containing Page Names
Three-Dimensional Cell References
Demo - Calculate Data Across
Lab - Comparing a 360-Day vs. 365-Day Date Calculation System
Date and Time Function
Demo - Dates
Financial Function
Demo - Convert Text To Columns
Lab - Using Formulas to convert text data to individual columns
Demo - Statistical Function
Demo - Upper and Lower
Lab - Using the UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER Text Functions
Lookup and Reference Function
Demo - Hlookup
Lab - Looking up Part Numbers with the HLOOKUP Function
Lab - Looking up Part Numbers with the VLOOKUP Function
Logical Function
Demo - If Statement
Lab - Performing Conditional Calculations with SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, and AVGIFS Functions
Lab - Performing Conditional Calculations with SUMIF, COUNTIF, and AVERAGIF Functions
Lab - Calculating Sales Honors with IF Function and the AND Function
Lab - Calculating Sales Honors with IF Function and the OR Function
Lab - Eliminating Calculation Errors with the IFERROR Function
Demo - View and Print Formulas
Lab - Printing a Worksheet with the Formulas Displayed
Lesson 7 Review

Lesson 8 - Sorting and Filtering Data Sorting and Filtering Data Single-Level Sort in Ascending Order
Multiple-Level Sort in Both Ascending and Descending Order
Demo - Sort Data
Lab - Sorting Data
Lab - Filtering Data
Lab - Calculating Sums, Counts, and Averages on Filtered Data
Database Function
Demo - Subtotals
Lab - Applying Subtotals to a Sorted List
Lesson 8 Review
Course Closure

MS Excel 2007 Level Three

Lesson 1 - Steamlining Workflow
Steamlining Workflow
Record Macro Procedure Reference
Demo - Macros
Editing Macros
Macro Settings
Demo - Edit Macros
Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formats
Conditional Formatting Procedure Reference
Demo - Conditional Formats
Data Validation
Data Validation Procedure Reference br /> Workbook Properties
Demo - Data Validation
Lesson 1 Review

Lesson 2 - Collaborating with Others
Collaborating with Others
The Collaboration Process
File Protection
The Changes Group
The Protect Workbook Options
Demo - Protection
Sharing Workbooks
Shared Workbooks
Sharing Workbooks Procedure Reference
Demo - Share Workbook
Revision Tracking
Revision Tracking Procedure Reference
The Highlight Changes Dialog Box
The Accept/Reject Changes Option
Demo - Changes
Merge Workbooks
Demo - Merge Workbooks
Digital Certificates
Digital Signatures
Demo - Digital Signature
Demo - Mark As Final
Lesson 2 ReviewLesson 3 - Auditing Worksheets
Auditing Worksheets
Tracer Arrows
Cell Precedents
Cell Dependents
Demo - Tracing
Invalid Data
Error Checking
Demo - Invalid Formulas
The Watch Window
Demo - Watch and Evaluate
Formula Evaluation
Demo - Group and Subtotals
Lesson 3 ReviewLesson 4 - Analyzing Data
Analyzing Data
Trendline Procedure Reference
Demo - Trendline
The Scenario Manager Dialog Box
Demo - Scenario
The Solver Parameters Dialog Box
Demo - Solver
Analysis ToolPak
Demo - Data Analysis
Lesson 4 ReviewLesson 5 - Working with Multiple Workbooks
Working with Multiple Workbooks
Demo - Workspace
Data Consolidation
The Consolidate Dialog Box
Link Cells
Demo - Consolidate Data
Demo - Edit Links
Lesson 5 ReviewLesson 6 - Importing and Exporting Data
Importing and Exporting Data
File Export
Demo - Export to Word
File Import
The Get External Data Group
Demo - Import Delimited Text File
Delimited Text Files
Lesson 6 ReviewLesson 7 - Using Excel with the Web
Using Excel with the Web
File Publish
The Publish As Web Page Dialog Box
Demo - Publish Data
Import Data From Web
Demo - Import Data from Web
The New Web Query Dialog Box
Lesson 7 ReviewLesson 8 - Structuring Workbooks with XML
Structuring Workbooks with XML
XML Uses
XML Components
XML Schema
XML Schemas
XML Maps
The XML Source Task Pane
The XML Group
Demo - XML Map
Demo - XML Data
Lesson 8 Review
Course Closure

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