Financial Risk Management

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
A Central London (Inghilterra)

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  • Central london (Inghilterra)
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    6 Days
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At the conclusion of specified learning and activities, delegates will be able to:
Define Risk.
Explain the financial risk in an organisational setting.
Establish the relationship between financial risk and market dynamics.
Differentiate liquidity, operational, fraud and settlement risk.
Develop corporate strategy and risk management.
Understand the currency derivatives market.

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This course is designed for: managers, financial consultants, advisors and regulators, industry and commerce ministerial representatives, world bank officials, international monetary fund officials, securities specialists, accountants, currency derivatives specialists, management accountants, angels, dragons, venture specialists, corporate executives, central bank managers, international fund managers.

Requisiti: Degree or Work Experience


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Central London
Carburton Street, W1W 5EE, London, Inghilterra
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Corporate Strategy
Financial Risk
Risk Management
Organizational Skills
Financial Risk Management
IT risk
Market Risk
Risk Mgmt
Credit Finance
Asset Finance
Financial Training
Derivatives market
Enterprise Risk Management
Risk Derivatives
IT Management
Fraud Risk


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues

  • Risk: A Working Hypothesis
  • Defining Risk - Generally
  • Financial Risk: A Plausible Definition
  • Financial Risk in an Organisational Setting
  • Financial Risk and ‘Market Dynamics'
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Operating Risk
  • Fraud Risk
  • Settlement Risk
  • Corporate Strategy and Risk Management
  • The Currency Derivatives Market 

Financial Risk and Unpredictability: Uncontrollable Environmental Issues

  • Asset Behaviour and Pricing Implications
  • Credit and Counterparty Risk
  • The Legal and Political Risk Environments
  • Risk as an Economic Factor
  • Technological Risk Factor
  • Risk associated with Socio-Cultural Change

Financial Risk Settings: A Meta-Analytical Exploration

  • Risk in Financial Institutions
  • Banking Risk
  • Risk and the Currency Market 
  • Risk and the Equity Market
  • Futures Market Risk

Financial Exposure As Risk

  • Economic Exposure
  • Transaction Exposure
  • Translation Exposure
  • Calculating Risk in Financial Exposure

Risk Management: A Conceptual and Statistical Meta-Analysis

  • Conducting A Risk Assessment
  • Managing Risk with Forward Contracts
  • Financial methods of measuring Risk
  • Quantifying financial risk
  • Some Qualitative Approaches To Financial Risk Assessment
  • Managing The Interest Rate Derivatives Market
  • Managing equity risk
  • Identifying and measuring Currency Risk
  • Managing Financial Exposure Risk
  • Managing currency Risk
  • Sensitivity Analysis As Risk Management
  • Managing Risk with SWAPS:
  • Statistical Analysis as a Risk Management Instrument
  • Interpreting Statistical Data
  • Mean and Statistical Mean
  • Variance and Standard Deviation
  • Probability and Normal Distribution
  • Degrees of Confidence
  • Correlation and auto-correlation
  • Calculating statistics from actual data
  • Understanding Statistical Significance
  • Making Sense of Chi-squared Distribution
  • Using Software to analyse data 
  • Using PESTEL as a Tool to Risk Management

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Cost:                         Ø  £4,800.00  Per Delegate for UK Delivery Ø  £6,000.00  Per Delegate for Delivery outside the UK