Health and Safety Management in the Petroleum - Oil and Gas - Industry

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
A Central London (Inghilterra), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ( Emirati Arabi Uniti), Abuja, Nigeria (Nigeria) e 47 altre sedi

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This Health and Safety Management in the Petroleum Industry course will help you specialise in occupational health in the petroleum industry.

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Pipeline designers, engineers and technicians;
Project, field, installation and operations managers;
Integrity and maintenance personnel;
Employees seeking career enhancement;
Professionals in supporting or aligned oil and gas sectors;
Oil and Gas Safety Officials;
Business Professionals;
Project Leaders;
Professional Staffs.

Requisiti: Degree or Work Experience


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Health Management
Behavioural Safety
Occupational Safety
Workstation Safety
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas Engineering
Gas Safety
Oil and Gas Law
Health and Safety Management
Accident Investigation
Management of Risk
Occupation Health
Occupational Health Safety
Safety Management
IT Management
Geothermal Energy
Liquid Natural Gas
Oil and gas exploration


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues



Part 1: Oil and Gas Safety


Ø  Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Offshore Statistics:

      Hydrocarbon Releases (HCRS) 5;

      Fatal and Major Injuries to Offshore Workers;

      Types of Accidents;

      Over- 3-Day Injuries to Offshore Workers;

      Dangerous Occurrences Offshore;

      Incidence of Ill Health to Workers Offshore.

Ø  Oil and Gas Industry Safety Regimes/ Institutions and Their Safety Regulation and Monitoring System:

      American Petroleum Institute: Environmental Health & Safety;


      A Step Change in Safety;

      Fire and Blast Information Group;

      National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority;

      OSHA Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing

      Work safe BC Health & Safety Centre for Petroleum;

      Health and Safety Executive (HSE);

      Petroleum Industry's Annual Safety Seminar.

Ø  Safety Relief Valves and Rupture Discs;

Ø  Pressure Safety Valves (PSV), Operation and Testing;

Ø  Gaswell blowouts;

Ø  Hydrogen Sulfide;

Ø  Hydrogen Sulfide Principles;

Ø  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety for Oil and Gas;

Ø  Rig Accidents;

Ø  Actinia Oil Rig Blowout;

Ø  Blow-Out preventers – (BOP);

Ø  New Generation of BOPs;

Ø  Malfunctioning of BOPs;

Ø  Dealing with Blowouts;

Ø  Analysing the BP Oil Disaster.


Part 2: Prioritising Worker’s Health and Safety while in the Workplace


Ø  HSE Human Factor Mixed with Ergonomics:

      Facets of Ergonomics;

      Ergonomics in General;

      Ergonomics and the HSE;

      Human Factor and Their Business Benefits;

      Job Design:

      Mechanistic Job Design;

      Biological Job Design;

      Motivational Job Design;

      Perceptual Job Design.

      Designing Safety Features in the into Workplace Machines;

      Musculoskeletal Disorders (MDS);

      Ergonomic Risk Analysis;

      Ergonomic Job Analysis:

      Formal Analysis Tools;

      Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA);

      Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA);

      The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lifting Equation.

      Sources of Economic Hazards.

Ø  Health and Toxic Substances:

      Toxic Substances;


      Systematic Poisons;




      Air Contaminants;

      Threshold Limit Values (TLV);

      Detecting Contaminants;

      Approaches in Measuring Air-Contaminant Exposures;

      Environment Control and Noise;


      Design Principles;

      Makeup Air;

      Purification Devices;

      Indoor Air Quality (IAQ);

      Industrial Noise;


      Noise Measurement;


Ø  Flammable and Explosive Materials:

      Flammable Liquids;

      Sources of Ignition;

      Standards Compliance;

      Combustible Liquids;

      Spray Finishing;

      Dip Tanks;


      Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Ø  Personal Protection and First Aid:

      Protection Need Assessment;

      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training;

      Hearing Protection;

      Eye and Face Protection;

      Respiratory Protection;

      Confined Space Entry;

      Head Protection;

      Miscellaneous Personal Protective Equipment;

      First Aid.

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£4,000.00 Per Delegate for UK Delivery
£5,000.00Per Delegate for Delivery outside the UK