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What is it about?
What’s a business without customers? Nothing! It’s just a hobby. This course is about how you manage all the different ways a customer can interact with your business. Why is this important? If you’re building your own business, you’re going to have to be great at every single one of these interactions to lock down your first customers. And if you’re getting a job elsewhere, this course is goingto give you the super-power of being able to understand what matters across the whole company.

Informazioni importanti
Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

What will I learn?
How to manage leads and turn them into customers
What the consumer decision journey is and how to use it with your business
The different types of customer relationships
The difference between marketing and sales and when to use each
Sales and negotiation tactics
What “post purchase delight” is and how to make it happen
Tools and tips for managing customers

È la formazione giusta per me?

Who is it for?
You are working in a startup or plan on joining one
You want to understand and manage leads and turn them into long-term customers
You are ramping up sales or marketing efforts

Requisiti: Time Required The course is composed of 6 sections. Each section will take around one hour to complete.


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Customer Service
Strategic Planning
Marketing Campaign
Customer Relationships
Managing customers


What’s involved?
  • Managing customer relationships in a startup - 4 videos, 1 quiz
  • The foundation of customer relationships - 5 videos, 1 quiz
  • Marketing and the customer relationship - 5 videos, 1 quiz
  • Sales and the customer relationship - 5 videos, 1 quiz
  • Funnels and startup metrics - 4 videos, 1 exercise, 1 quiz
  • Post-purchase delight - 5 videos, 1 quiz
  • Tips, tools & practicalities - 5 videos, 1 quiz