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I would like to share my experiences with the Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program (IAM). But first I would like to tell you that I have under study methods of healing and spiritual growth for over two years. As soon as the attunement ...


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Are you interested in energy healing? Do you want to experience the benefits of meditation? Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program (IAM) is a unique concept that can help to transform every aspect of one’s life. Through this program you will improve health and also achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This program combines various holistic therapies to enhance its effectiveness including: Meditation, Reiki, the use of Chakras (energy centres within us), Progressive Relaxation, Guided Visualizations, and Deep Breathing Techniques.

Inner Awakening Meditation encourages you to do a simple dynamic meditation before you perform energy therapy on yourself and others. The reason for this is to ensure that your own energy centers, known as chakras, are open and flowing freely without any blockages in order to provide optimal therapy. If you are experiencing significant energy blockages within you, this can affect your ability to send energy therapy to others. The blockages include: stress, worry, anxiety, anger, fear, personal conflicts, trauma, depression and other emotional or mental blockages to name a few. Everyone experiences challenges in life and some on a daily basis.

There are blockages within each of us. A simple dynamic meditation can help clear blockages and encourage your energy to flow more freely. This will also help you to feel more relaxed and prepared for energy therapy. If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister.

Informazioni importanti
Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

This program provides multiple benefits on all levels. The most significant benefit of this program is that it teaches the individual to focus on self-transformation as well as sending energy therapy to others. IAM provides an amazing vehicle for releasing tension and stress. It allows the individual to naturally release harmful thoughts and emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and despondency. Similarly, energy therapy also helps to remove blockages from the body, mind and emotions, optimizing physical health and spiritual balance. Meditation increases energy levels by improving your breathing capacity and increasing healthy circulation. It is common to have expansive spiritual experiences leading to the achievement of increasing levels of consciousness.

Inner Awakening Meditation is a great way to nurture your relationship with someone you love. By exchanging energy, you, your partner or loved ones can open to learn more about one another and experience an even deeper, more intimate and spiritual connection that would otherwise remain unknown. This is a great program for couples, families and friends who want to transform with one another; growing spiritually together while enhancing the countless beautiful attributes of their relationship.

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Everyone knows somebody who is in need of energy therapy; it may be a spouse, parents, siblings, children, friends or even colleagues. Distance is not a barrier and the individual doesn’t have to be in the same room as the recipient for them to have an effective therapy session. Energy Therapy can be done on pets, animals, plants, small groups of people, communities, a country or even the whole globe.


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Il meglio While completing the Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program (IAM) online, I received an attunement from Mohmood and would love this opportunity to share with you my experience. When the healing began, I saw the colour indigo and found myself feeling lighter and more relaxed. I strongly felt the energy coming out of my hands and vibrations all over to the point where I was slightly rocking. I felt that I wanted that energy to go to all the people that I love and that need healing. At one point I had a quick vision of God/Father-like figure bending down telling me not to be afraid. I felt a lot of love and sat in the moment in total mindfulness of what I was experiencing in the present; Just total receptiveness to the healing and staying in the moment. Mohmood truly has a gift in healing others as he led me to ease the anxiety that I feel on a constant basis. I know if I stick to this I will overcome this mental obstacle in my life that I am determined to have healed. Thank you Mohmood for giving me the confidence that I can beat this thing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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Nuruddin Rajan
Il meglio I had a very enlightening experience during the Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program (IAM). I sat down on one night to commence a healing, but could not calm down. Thoughts about an individual at work had been bothering me for a few days. Every time I thought of him or saw him, I would feel anger or other negative emotions. So during the healing, I asked to get rid of this internal festering feeling. A couple hours after the healing, I coughed/sneezed. At that instant, I felt that my body just got rid of some nasty poison. The next day, when I returned to work, I met that individual in the hallway. I was surprised that when I saw him I did not feel anything. All those negative emotions that were arising in his presence were gone. That is when I understood that the poison that left my body yesterday, was the anger that was in me. I felt great and grateful.

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Il meglio I would like to share my experiences with the Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program (IAM). But first I would like to tell you that I have under study methods of healing and spiritual growth for over two years. As soon as the attunement commenced I felt the energy. It went to parts of my body where I had problems and the energy stayed at those areas during the whole session. I also experienced a floating feeling, like my spirit body came out and was floating above me. It was amazing! I requested additional distant healing sessions and each time I had an overall relaxing feeling and after receiving the healings from Mohmood I slept wonderfully. The results didn't stop there either. I felt the effects for days such as tingling, the pain in my elbow and neck left me which was bothering me for weeks, overall contempt and very grounded. I was so impressed with my results that I asked Mohmood to do distant healing on my grandmother in Nova Scotia who was in the hospital with kidney failure and dementia. Within 3 to 4 days her state of mind came back to what it was before she went into the hospital and the doctors told us that her kidneys had improved. I have sent other friends of mine to Mohmood and they are very appreciative in addition to being very grateful of the experiences and clarity they have had with him. Mohmood, you bring clarity, integrity and truth to all that you do. You are a very gifted person and I am so glad that I have met you.

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Holistic therapy
Energy Healing
Massage Therapy
Stress Management
Alternative Medicine
Relaxation Techniques
Stress Reduction
Deep Breathing
Distant Healing
Chakra Activation
Healing Others
Reduce negative thoughts and emotions


Course Breakdown


Module 1:  Introduction to Energy Transformation Meditation.

This module will expand on the history of Meditation and Energy Healing. It will also touch on Chakras theory and philosophy and how different people “feel energy”.


Module 2: Attunements

In this module, attunements will be discussed as well as the cleansing period that follows.


Module 3: Deep Breathing and Professional Relaxation Therapy

This lesson will explore these two very important concepts in depth. Two models and techniques that you can apply will be shared here. Experience relaxation and calm.


Module 4: Activation and Dynamic Meditation

Learn valuable healing and meditation techniques here. These include Chakra activation exercises that involve deep breathing and clearing the mind to put you in the right state for healing.


Module 5: Energy Therapy on Others

You will be guided on how to put your new skills to use on others.


Module 6: Distant Universal Healing & Healing the Planet

In this lesson we will introduce you to some advanced energy healing techniques.