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Introduction to Sociology - The University of Texas of the Permian Basin



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From feminism to Marxism and functionalism, this course offers a fresh perspective on sociological topics like culture, gender, sexuality, race, class and more. This course will cover topics found on the CLEP Sociology exam.With this course you earn while you learn, you gain recognized qualifications, job specific skills and knowledge and this helps you stand out in the job market.

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25 agosto 2016

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Cultural Diversity
Sociology Anthropology
Social Sciences


Very often we see, hear or experience things that seem "strange" and incomprehensible to us. We start to wonder about the world around us, asking questions like: “How do certain people become billionaires when others are homeless? Why do humans worship Gods or form families? What makes killing in war acceptable but not in any other situation?” If you have ever wondered about these issues and/or other, you aren’t alone. Similar questions have been asked since the beginning of history, and searching for objective answers using scientific research is the goal of sociology.  This course is designed to look critically and analytically through different sociological perspectives, including the functionalist, interactionist, conflict and feminist, to help us realize the extent to which society guides our thoughts and actions. The course material provides a fresh, new look at societies and cultures—more objective, full of inquiry and analysis, striving towards social justice and change. Sociology urges us to draw connections between public issues and personal problems, to see the strange as familiar and the familiar as strange, and to examine biography in a historical and social context. Issues of inequalities, social class, race, sexual orientation, disability, age and gender are critically examined within a global perspective in this course. You do not need any prior knowledge of sociological theories or methods to take this class.  Bring your life experiences and knowledge, and see how the Sociological Imagination will allow you to dispel cultural myths and reframe reality.This course will cover topics found on the CLEP Sociology exam.

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Dr. Joanna Hadjicostandi Dr. Hadjicostandi was born in Alexandria, Egypt to Greek parents, and spent her first years in Egypt and her teens in Greece. She completed her undergraduate study at Greenwich University in London, England where she sought to understand the world, truth, peace and her self-identity. After earning her BA in Sociology, she moved to Boston, MA, USA where she received an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology at Northeastern University. Through her teaching, she encourages individuals to develop a critical world view of life in all its complexities.