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This course will refine your research skills and develop your ability to engage in the intricacies of legal research: using databases, case reports, and journals. It will not just equip you to carry out research efficiently for your research papers but will also hone the skills you need to practice law, namely the ability to carry out quick, comprehensive and focused research within deadlines to give meaningful, accurate and timely advice to clients.

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Good research skills are fundamental for students and legal practitioners and having the ability to carry out quick, comprehensive, and focused research within deadlines is an invaluable skill. The techniques you will learn in this course will enable you to confidently carry out research in any area of the law.

Requisiti: Law students/graduates, aspiring advocates.


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This Course Consist of the following contents -Unit 1: Introduction to Legal Research -Understand what modern day legal research entails, both the benefits and the pitfalls. Develop strategies that will assist you in identifying issues—in either cases or academic questions—that need to be researched. Unit 2: Fundamentals of Conducting Legal Research -Develop basic skills required to conduct successful legal research, in any area. Distinguish between primary and secondary sources and learn how to outline a clear research process to allow efficient research to be conducted every time. Learn how to generate search terms, develop a research plan, and how to decide when research is sufficient. Unit 3: Understanding and Using Legal Authorities – Legislation -Explore all forms of legislation beginning with the supreme law of the land, the Constitution, and moving on to Central and State legislation, delegated legislation, and ordinances. Learn how to ensure that the legislation you use is current. Unit 4: Understanding and Using Legal Authorities – Case Law -Understand how to use the other main, primary source of law—case law. Learn how the system of precedent operates. Grasp some finer points of the art of using case law to support a legal argument. Unit 5: Using Online Research Tools for Primary and Secondary Sources -Study to use search engines and databases, across both India and international legal sources. Learn to research both primary sources—statutes and case law—as well as secondary sources—such as journals, textbooks, and articles. Unit 6: Using Research in your Writing – Integrating Research, and Citation and Referencing -Analyse how to integrate you research into various forms of legal writing including research papers and professional writing tasks. Understand the importance of proper citation and referencing, in all forms of legal writing.

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This Course is Made for Students and they helps in Sharpen your research skills and develop your ability to engage in the intricacies of legal research: using databases, case reports, and journals. Identify and use relevant statues and reliable case laws and authorities effectively. Hone your research skills to supports your legal arguments and advice. Develop valuable techniques to properly and effectively integrate your research into your writing and arguments.