Litigation in United Arab Emirates: The Legal System, Litigation Proceedings and Arbitration (London)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
A Central London (Inghilterra), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ( Emirati Arabi Uniti), Abuja, Nigeria (Nigeria) e 47 altre sedi

£ 8.000 - (9.111 )

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  • Seminario intensivo
  • Intermediate
  • In 50 sedi
  • 60 ore di lezione
  • Durata:
    10 Days
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This Course is Designed For:
Legal Researchers
Legal Consultants
In-house counsels
Corporate Executives
Legal Secretaries
Political Science graduates
Law students
Law Enforcers
Employees performing legal duties
Court Employees
Clerks of Court
Legal Analysts
Other professionals who want to have a clear understanding of the legal system

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Requisiti: Degree or Relevant Work Experience


Dove e quando

Inizio Luogo
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Khalifa Street, 44486, Abu Dhabi,  Emirati Arabi Uniti
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Abuja, Nigeria
Cadastral Zone A0, Central Business District, Abuja, 7069, Nigeria, Nigeria
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Kirkos Subcity Kebele, 21555, Ethiopia, Etiopía
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Algiers, Algeria
Pins Maritimes, 16000, Algeria, Algeria
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Algiers, Algeria
Rue Hassiba Benbouali, 16015, Algeria, Algeria
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Amman, Jordan
Bin Ali Street, 11118, Jordan, Jordania
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Cosa impari in questo corso?

IT Law
Legal System in the United Arab Emirates
Judicial Department
Jurisdiction and Forum
Initiation of Proceedings
Attachments and Urgent Applications
Execution Proceedings
Filing an Appeal
Urgent and Interlocutory Applications
Review of Judgments
Sale by Auction
Destruction of Goods by the Execution Court
Imprisonment for Failure to Pay
Attachment of Land
Sale of Attached Assets
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Understanding the Legal System in the United Arab Emirates
  • Constitutional Summary
  • The Federal Government
  • The Supreme Council
  • The Cabinet Ministers
  • The National Assembly
  • The Judicial Arrangement
  • The Legal System
  • A Civil Law System
The Judicial Department
  • The Judiciary
  • General Structures of the Court
  • Civil Courts
  • Criminal Courts
  • The Shari ‘a Court
  • The Court of Cassation
  • Special Tribunals
Jurisdiction and Forum
  • International Jurisdiction
  • Domestic Jurisdiction
  • Jurisdiction over Property
  • Res Estate and Granted Land
  • Movable Property
  • Jurisdiction over Subject Matter
  • Labour Jurisdiction
  • Rent Disputes
  • Administrative Jurisdiction
  • Jurisdiction over Free Zones
  • Choice of Forum
  • Choice of Law
  • Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
  • Treaties
Initiation of Proceedings
  • Initiating Action
  • Reconciliation Committees at the Federal Courts
  • Statement of Claim
  • The Summon
  • Service
  • Local Service
  • Service in another Emirate
  • Service of Summons in a Foreign Jurisdiction
  • Methods of Service
  • Service to Be Effected Twice
  • Challenging the Service of Summons
  • Proceeding With the Main Action
  • The Defendant's Response
  • Preliminary Defences
  • Counterclaim
  • Interlocutory Applications
  • Witnesses
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Duties of the Expert
  • Documents
  • Discovery
  • Joinder
  • Actions Filed By or Against Minors
  • Judgment
  • Default Judgment
  • Judgment In The Presence Of Both Parties
  • The Claimant's Failure to Attend Court
  • Interim Judgments
  • Summary Judgment
Attachments and Urgent Applications
  • Attachments
  • Procedure
  • Application for an Attachment Prior To the Main Action
  • Application for an Attachment after a Main Action Is Filed
  • Objection to an Attachment Order
  • Objection by the Claimant
  • The Defendant's Objection
  • Appeal
  • Enforcement of Attachment Orders
  • Attachment Minutes
  • The Custodian
  • Problems in Attachment
  • Third Party Challenge
  • Sale of Attached Assets
  • Attachment of Land
  • Disposing of the Assets Before the Order Is Enforced
  • Urgent Applications
  • Application to Survey or Document Status
  • Application for a Witness to Be Heard Prior to the Main Action
  • Deputation from another Court to Hear a Witness or to Order a Party to Produce Documents
  • Application to Appoint a Custodian
Execution Proceedings
  • Execution
  • Procedure
  • Notice
  • Application
  • Challenging the Execution Proceedings
  • Sale by Auction
  • Auctioning Movable Property
  • Auctioning Immovable Property
  • Distribution of Sale Proceeds
  • Order of Distribution
  • Destruction of Goods by the Execution Court
  • Conclusion of the Execution Procedure
  • Imprisonment for Failure to Pay
  • Execution in Criminal Matters
Filing an Appeal
  • Preliminary Procedure
  • Notice of Appeal
  • Appeal Proceedings
  • Matters Not Subject To Appeal
  • Court of Appeal
  • Court of Cassation
  • Appeal Prior To Final Judgment
  • Appeal after Final Judgment
  • Counter-Appeal and Sub-Appeal
  • Decisions of the Court of Appeal
  • Appeal to the Court of Cassation
  • Notice
  • Application to Suspend the Execution of Judgment
  • Judgment of the Court of Cassation
  • Review of Judgments
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Formalities
  • Jurisdiction
  • Urgent and Interlocutory Applications
  • The Arbitration Tribunal
  • Qualifications of an Arbitrator
  • Appointment and/or Removal of Arbitrators
  • Duties of an Arbitrator
  • Powers of the Arbitrators
  • Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators
  • The Arbitration Award
  • Arbitration under the Supervision of the Court
  • Enforcement of the Award
  • Enforcement of a Foreign Arbitration Award
  • Appeal
Main Arbitration Organisations
  • Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI)

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