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This Master offers the opportunity to acquire in-depth comprehension of the most important factors that influence the behavior of people in organizations in order to create new generations of well-rounded and skillful professionals, especially in the field of individual and group motivation management, evaluation and development of human resources, remuneration policies management, incentive systems management, participatory tools management, and business cooperation and communication, for both the public and private sector. It aims to provide the instruments for appropriate management of human capital that can meet the requirements of the current market and, at the same time, enhance the managed resources.

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The course aims to enable understudies to: Identify the trends affecting Human Resource Management
Analyze human resource activities
Outline how the strategic human resource planning process is utilized to meet employee and company goals
Write a job description and the job specifications for it based on a job analysis
Diagram and explain a typical selection process in sequential order
Describe monetary and non-monetary compensation plans
Justify the need for training and development
Summarize basic previsions of legislation affecting Human Resource Management
Outline a progressive discipline sequence
Justify the importance of each stage in a grievance procedure
Research a selected topic in Human Resource Management.

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The careers that await the Master in Human Resources and Organization professional are as follows:
Human resources director
Human resources management expert
Human resources department personnel
Vocational training expert
Performance analysis and evaluation expert
Organizational communication expert
Industrial and labor relations expert

Requisiti: In order to be admitted to the Master in Human Resources and Organization Management program, applicants must possess a bachelor's degree from a certified institution. All courses are taught in English; therefore, proficiency in English language is required.


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IT Law
Communication Training
IT Development
IT Management
Psychological Area, Organizational Behavior, Business Organization,Business Strategy and Policy, Business Communication, Human Resources Area, Human Resources Management, Legal Area, Training Design, Management and Education Area


We deliver our courses with an online methodology in order to adapt ourselves to busy and profesional lifestyles. Combine your profesional life, your work, your personal time with this distance-learning course. If you have any doubts, do not hesítate to ask for more information through Emagister’s website. Module 1 - Psychological Area This section provides the tools which are required by a professional who is expected to catalyze human resources as an element for speeding up changes in line with the company's strategic objectives, who is capable of understanding the company's internal dynamics, who is capable of coping with challenges as well as making the best possible use of his own and company's resources in order to achieve the company's objectives. This section consists of four parts: Psychology of Work and Organizations Group, Motivation and Organizational Behavior Sociology of Work Group Dynamics: Theory and Techniques Module 2 - Business and Organization Area This section aims at analyzing in greater detail a few basic concepts which are typical of business logics as well as the main organizational principles which guide them. An attempt is made at describing and reviewing in detail the main issues related to businesses' analysis and strategic management, to the important role which is played by the management of relations as well as of the internal and external communication processes. The course focuses on the efficacy and effectiveness of information processing which is essential for the organization management as well as for strategic planning. This section consists of four parts: Business Organization Business Strategy and Policy Development and Business Communication Business Information Systems Module 3 - Management and Human Resources Area This section reviews in detail various topics related to human resources as an important strategic element as regards the competitiveness of modern organizations; an analysis is carried out of the various stages involved in the selection and management of human resources, in particular as regards management and wage policies. In addition, this section focuses on the policies that need to be implemented in order to integrate social actors coming from different contexts into the organization. This section consists of four parts: Human Resources Selection Human Resources Management Management and Wage Policies Social Integration Policies Module 4 - Management and Education Area This area permit to acquire and develop theoric and methodologic knowledge refer programming, design, assessment and management of learning process. The module will provide tools in order to develop professional skills in the fields of adult education, vocational training and continuing education also in the dimension of lifelong learning. This area is divided into four parts: Theories of learning The training design Methods and techniques of continuous training Continuous training Module 5 - Legal Area This area wants to deepen the legal aspects that accompany and influence the conduct of economic dynamics within organizations , and how these dynamics affect so organizational structures . Let's explore some of the issues of labor law and trade union, also in perspective comparatist . This area is divided into four parts: Labor law Community international labor law Union law Labor law in Public Administration Module 6 - Stage and project work The internship aims to provide the tools necessary to intervene on the person and on organizations in the areas of assessment, training and development from the perspective of efficiency / organizational effectiveness , paying great attention to the role of communication and the ability of an individual to integrate the objectives an organization. Finally, will address the issue of intervention in organizations for the development of organizational processes.

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