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The following course, offered by Udemy, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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MS Excel


Course Description

Learn the productivity secrets that will help you manage your information quickly and efficiently.

I'll be teaching you guys the power of using Freeze Panes which allows greater maneuverability for large scale data. We'll then be introducing the Quick Access Toolbar and show how it can streamline your processes as well as create a customize collection of functions to meet your daily Excel needs. We'll then finish the course off with some Keyboard Shortcuts.

Instructor Achievements

  1. Member of the Udemy Council
  2. +19,000 students (totalling ~40,000 enrolments)
  3. Average of 300-500 enrolments per day (Highest enrolment rate in one day was 1400 students)
  4. +500 Positive Reviews (5 Star Average Rating across all courses)
  5. +18 Live courses (+20 courses in production)
  6. Incorporated my Udemy courses into RMIT University Laboratory Tutorials for Undergraduate Aerospace Engineers

Course Details

  1. This course has the shortest and simplest tutorial video's you will ever see! Clear, concise and to the point!
  2. It is designed for the beginner/intermediate but if you're looking to freshen up on your skills, come on in!
  3. I've intentionally made the video's around 2 minutes or less so that you get your information instantly. NO MORE USELESS CHATTER!!
  5. All future lectures, videos, documents and upgrades included FREE

What Udemy has said about me and my courses

'We looked at some data + feedback from your courses and found you ranked in the top group of instructors on Udemy! Students love taking courses from instructors they trust!'

What students have already said about this course

  1. Katie Miller Clear and Succinct. The pace of this course was comfortable. The instructor didn't overwhelm with too much information in each lecture. I appreciate how the instructor encouraged time-management by staying focused and offering time-saving tips in Excel. I'm glad I choose this as my first course to take on Udemy.
  2. Robin HoyohoyAwesome! Each course is straight to the point and the demos are awesome and easy to follow along. Love the 1-3 minute videos, it helps a lot. Awesome teacher!
  3. Jimmy ChingVery clear and easy to learn tips! Learned few things and appreciate that. Well done.
  4. Cristian MateiciucQuick and effective. To the point, well presented and quite interesting course. It's almost fun to quickly learn tips on Excel.
  5. Joanne HansonQuick and Easy. I like how quick each lecture is and how easy they are to understand and put into practice.

Enrol Now and Experience the Benefits

  1. I'll show you step-by-step, I'll explain and highlight every single button I press, I'll draw around important area's and icons with on-screen drawing tools, I'll zoom into small and hard to see area's so you don't miss a single thing!
  2. With over 15 years of experience using Microsoft Excel, I'll let you look over my shoulder as I teach you the fundamentals.
  3. I'll show you exactly how to master this technique in a fraction of the time it takes the average person to learn on their own from books, YouTube videos, blogs and forums!
  4. By mastering this technique you'll become the most productive and most efficient person at your job and at home!
  5. New doors and opportunities will begin opening up for you personally and professional with each new technique you acquire!