The Mechanics of International Financial Reporting Standards


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This invaluable distance learning course consists of eight units which will ensure you understand the mechanics of the subject, enabling you to develop a strong theoretical as well as practical understanding of current IFRS issues and applications.

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18 gennaio 2017
Distance Learning

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The course will prove to be the perfect learning platform for anyone who wants to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding within the field of IFRS. In terms of prior knowledge, the course assumes no more than a basic familiarity with the financial accounting process. Potential students should not feel put off by any perceived lack of high-level prior knowledge or experience of a non-IFRS financial accounting regime. On the contrary, they should feel encouraged and perhaps even liberated by the lack of any need to ëunlearní things that were learned long ago and have become ëhardcodedí into their subconscious by experience and unquestioning acceptance. Course Content Summary 1. Introduction to IFRS 2. Accounting for Tangible Assets and for Transaction in Goods 3. Accounting for Intangible Assets and Service Transactions 4. Accounting for Financial Instruments, Insurance and Foreign Currencies 5. Accounting for Investments in, and Disposals of, other Businesses 6. Accounting for Long-Term Uncertainty: Pensions and Provisions 7. Accounting for Taxes and Share-Based Payments 8. User Perspectives and Future Developments

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