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About This Course Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) phenomenon is currently exploited for many purposes, including medical imaging using the MRI technique but also the characterization of the structure and the dynamics of matter at atomic scale by NMR spectroscopy, which is a key tool in chemistry, structural biology, pharmacology and material sciences.

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Requisiti: Students should have a background in basic chemistry, including: (i) the atoms, the elements and the periodic table; (ii) the structure of organic molecules (functional groups, stereochemistry); as well as in basic physics, including some knowledge about the spectroscopy (energy levels, photon, frequency) and the magnetism.


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NMR spectroscopy
Organic molecules
NMR of proteins
NMR of sugars


Week 1: Importance of NMR and the basic principles of NMR spectroscopy.

Week 2: NMR experiment and 1H NMR of organic molecules in solution.

Week 3: Probing covalent bonds and connectivities in organic molecules via J-couplings.

Week 4: 13C NMR of organic molecules in solution.

Week 5: 2D NMR of organic molecules in solution and NMR of proteins.

Week 6: A practical work of liquid-state NMR and NMR of sugars.

Week 7: Solid-state NMR and the structural study of glasses by NMR.

Week 8: NMR of catalysts and batteries as well as a practical work of solid-state NMR.