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Personal Finance, Part 1: Investing in Yourself - Wellesley College



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Learn how to incorporate financial considerations into your life decisions and become an effective consumer of financial information.With this course you earn while you learn, you gain recognized qualifications, job specific skills and knowledge and this helps you stand out in the job market.

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Requisiti: Basic familiarity with spreadsheets; ability to use the internet; basic numeracy (ability to use & understand formulas; ability to read graphs) 


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Personal Finance


Ready to take control of your finances? Whether you are saving for a house or retirement, struggling with your yearly taxes, or wondering if you should invest your stocks and bonds, there are many questions when it comes to personal finances. There are many benefits, both long and short term, to learning the keys of financial planning and becoming a financially savvy consumer. This course, part 1 of 2, will teach you to think financially about investing in yourself and your future. We will discuss investments in education and jobs, from evaluating the costs and benefits of selecting a training program to analyzing salary and benefit packages.  Part 1 covers investment in education and salary and benefits: Human capital investment Net Present Value Analysis (NPV) Internal Rate of Return Analysis (IRR) Parameterized Spreadsheet Analysis Employment Contracts & Making the most of work benefits Once you’ve completed Part 1, you can enroll in Personal Finance-Part 2 where we will tackle taxes, effective purchasing, investing in financial assets such as stocks and bond, and saving for retirement. Join us today and take control of your personal finances!