Post-graduate in the audio-visual market and internet

Official Master's degree in the audio-visual marke

Creation of audio-visual companies and TV/Internet fusion

UDL - Universitat de Lleida. Màsters Oficials
A Lleida (Spagna)

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  • Master
  • Lleida (Spagna)
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    1 Year
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Official Master's degree focused on working professionally using the audio-visual medium: television, internet and other digital platforms for audio-visual consumption and distribution. It provides new focuses for professionals for coming up with ideas and putting new business ideas into practice from new content proposals.

Informazioni importanti

Requisiti: European bachelor's degree or equivalent, accredited if obtained outside the EU.

Nationally recognised qualification: Official University Master's degree - Ministry of Education


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Lleida, Spagna
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Communication Skills
Audio-visual and digital communication in Europe
Opportunities for developing audio-visual projects
Television and other screens
Changes in the advertising market
Television directing and scripts
Television production and editing
Digital radio
Creation of digital content
TV and internet fusion
Entrepreneurships: business plan
Entrepreneurship: financing and the legal framework


Module 1: Global media scene: from audio-visual to digital (16 compulsory credits)
  • The audio-visual and digital communications map in Spain and Europe
  • Opportunities and new areas for development of audio-visual and digital projects in the recession.
  • From the television to a proliferation of screens
  • Changes in the advertising panorama: new strategies on the digital scene
Module 2: Exercising the profession (16 optional credits)
  • Exercising the profession (I): television/directing and script/
  • Exercising the profession (II): television/production and editing
  • Exercising the profession (III): digital radio
  • Exercising the profession (IV): film - from the cinema to the web
  • Exercising the profession (V): creation of digital content
  • Exercising the profession (VI): the fusion of television and internet
Module 3: Entrepreneurship (12 compulsory credits)
  • Communication and presentation skills for new audio-visual projects
  • Entrepreneurship for new audio-visual professionals: the entrepreneur and the business plan
  • Entrepreneurship for new audio-visual professionals: financing and the legal framework
Module 4. Master's thesis ((6 compulsory credits)