Pre-Medical Course/ Basic Medicine

University of Debrecen Medical School, Hungary
A Debrecen (Ungheria)

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  • Debrecen (Ungheria)
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    1 Year
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The pre-medical (Basic Medicine) course is recommended for those not having enough knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry from high school. In addition to these subjects, courses in English, Latin and Hungarian are also included.
Suitable for: A-level students

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Requisiti: Minimum As-level or High School diploma

Certificate of attendance from University of Debrecen Medical School, Hungary


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11 settembre 2017
Nagyerdei Krt 98, H-4032, Hungría, Ungheria
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Basic Medicine


Pre-Medical Course/ Basic Medicine course

The requirements in the premedical science subjects, biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics are rigorous. It is recommended that students who do not have a thorough knowledge in these subjects or who need a period of preparation prior to beginning the General Medicine, Dentistry of Pharmacy Program join the Basic Medicine Course.

In addition to scientific subjects, courses in Medical English and Hungarian are also included in the program. Students successfully finishing the Premedical Studies Program are directly admitted into the General Medicine program.

•    High standard Medical, Dental and Pharmacology degree
•    Programs of Arts, Humanities and Sciences (Bachelor and Master Programs)
•    The programs are run by highly qualified academic staff
•    We offer competitive tuition fees combined with reasonable living costs
•    Our medical degrees are recognized by the WHO and all our degrees are accepted in the UK


Subjects Credit Hours Biology 165 Chemistry 180 Physics 180 Hungarian Language 60