Psychology and Criminology

Anglia Ruskin University
A Cambridge (Inghilterra)

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Tipologia Bachelor's degree
Luogo Cambridge (Inghilterra)
Durata 3 Years
Inizio Settembre 2018
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Cambridge (Inghilterra)
  • Durata:
    3 Years
  • Inizio:
    Settembre 2018

Provide the basis for a rigorous and creative approach to understanding human behaviour. In addition, the course offers you the opportunity to develop confidence in a variety of core competencies, including literacy, numeracy, communication and analytical skills. The final-year project will enable you to develop your skills by conducting an independent piece of research.

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Requisiti: Preferred subject(s): GCE A-level Psychology or Science GCSE(s) Required: English grade C (or equivalent), Mathematics grade C We welcome applications from International and EU students. There are country-specific entry requirements.


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Inizio Luogo
Cambridge Campus, East Road, CB1 1PT, Cambridgeshire, Inghilterra
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Inizio Set-2018
Cambridge Campus, East Road, CB1 1PT, Cambridgeshire, Inghilterra
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Cognitive Psychology
Skills and Training
Psychological Disorders
Social research
Criminal Justice


Course overview

Psychology is a fascinating science concerned with the study of the mind and behaviour. It has links with a variety of disciplines such as the biological, computer and forensic sciences, as well as with the humanities such as sociology, philosophy and literature. The common factor linking people who study Psychology is curiosity and the search for knowledge.

Psychology and Criminology in combination looks at understanding the criminal mind in particular and reasons behind, and leading to, criminal behaviour. It addresses how, through criminal profiling, insights are offered into deviant behaviour, youth offending, gendered violence, war and terror, genocide, rape and abuse.

This course also develops an understanding of media representations of specific 'valued' news, moral panics and the promotion of fear from both a psychological and criminological perspective.

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to study Psychology. Psychology is exciting: for example, is there a relationship between psychological disorders and brain biochemistry? Psychology is challenging: for example, does psychotherapy help people overcome psychological problems such as depression and anxiety? Psychology is useful: psychology has a broad range of real-world applications in everyday life, ranging from stress, health, mental illness, artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction, to personal development, social interaction and the environment, to name but a few. Psychology offers good career prospects.

There are a large number of careers in Psychology and Criminology, but the skills you learn will readily transfer to many other careers.

Year one core modules

  • Social Science and Modern Society
  • Adventures in Criminology
  • Key Skills for Psychology
  • Social & Developmental Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology

Year two core modules

  • Theories of Deviance, Crime and Social Control
  • Research Techniques for Psychology

Year three core modules

  • Comparative Criminal Justice
  • Major Project in Psychology or Criminology

Year one optional modules

  • Basic Criminalistics
  • Media and Crime
  • Anglia Language Programme

Year two optional modules

  • The Enforcers: Police, Probation and Crime Control
  • Trials and Errors
  • Cultures of War & Peace
  • Mapping Crime
  • Social Research Methods
  • Violent Crime: Body and Mind
  • Retribution, Restoration, Rehabilitation
  • Anglia Language Programme
  • Biopsychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Essential Health Psychology
  • Contemporary Social Psychology
  • Personality Intelligence & Psychometrics
  • Learning Memory & Perception

Year three optional modules

  • 'Race', Racism and Cultural Identity
  • Sex, Sex Offending and Society
  • Terrorism in Context - Political Violence, Society and the State
  • Genocide: Perspectives on the Holocaust
  • Faces of the Criminal Justice System
  • Literary Critique: Book Club
  • Invisible Crimes
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Preparing for Work
  • Sport and Crime
  • Concepts of Good and Evil
  • Diasporas and Migration
  • Anglia Language Programme
  • Language & Thought
  • Clinical Psychology: Behavioural and Biological Approaches
  • Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Critical Issues in Health, Illness and Disability
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Emotion and Consciousness
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Stress and Health


Assessment is via a mix of examination, essays, research reports, presentations, lab reports and dissertation.

Ulteriori informazioni

Career opportunities: In combination with Criminology, Psychology opens doors to career paths in: The National Probation Service as Probation Officers, prison-based Probation Service Officers; the Police (including Crime Scene and Victim Liaison Officer); The Prison Service, as Prison Officers and governors; the Home Office, as researchers and policy analysts; The Crown Prosecution Service; The Court Service; Youth Offending Teams/Youth work and Crime Reduction Partnerships.