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If you would like to enroll for this course, there are no formal prerequisites or limitations. The course is free and open for everyone. Just register for an account on openSAP and go for the course!

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Course information

Since the introduction of SAP HANA Cloud Platform in 2012 and the first openSAP course about it in 2013, the platform has been continually improved and additional functionality has been delivered. In this course, you will get to know the platform in its most up-to-date state yet.

This course will introduce you to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and show you how as a developer to take advantage of the various services it provides. Ideally, you should have basic skills in Java programming as well as a basic knowledge of how to use the Eclipse development environment.

If you took part in the previous courses, you should join this one, because it covers many newly introduced services like the IoT services, gamification services, mobile documents and many more. You will get a more holistic view on the capabilities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open standards-based, in-memory platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed for today’s increasingly networked, mobile, social and data-driven world. Developers can quickly build impactful, highly scalable applications leveraging the massive speed and scale of SAP HANA.

This cloud platform offering allows you to focus on developing your software and use an enterprise-ready, pre-installed environment in the SAP Cloud to deploy and run your applications in a secure and reliable way.

The registration, learning content, and final exam are free of charge. You will be able to get some practical experience of the platform by using a free developer account. We’ll explain how you can access this at the start of the course.

This course is also available in Japanese

Course Characteristics

    • Starting from: May 10, 2016, 09:00 UTC. (What does this mean?)

    • Duration: 6 weeks (4 - 6 hours per week)

    • Final exam: June 21, 2016, 9:00 UTC – June 29, 2015, 9:00 UTC

    • Course language: English

    • How is an openSAP course structured?

Course Content

Week 1: Basics

Week 2: Security

Week 3: Connectivity

Week 4: Persistence

Week 5: IoT and Collaboration

Week 6: Additional Services

Week 7: Final Exam

Target Audience

    • Application developers

Course Requirements

    • Basic programming skills, ideally in Java

    • Basic knowledge of how to use an Eclipse development environment

Development Systems

If your primary interest in taking this course is getting a technical overview of the development-related capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, you do not need access to a development system. However, we realize that many of you will be interested in developing your own code, based on the instructions in the course.

You can access your own free account for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and we’ll explain how to set up an account in one of the first sessions. There are a few restrictions for this free account, but you’ll be able to follow the course without any problems, as the instructor will use the same system as you.