The Secrets To Self-Confidence

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This course is composed of 11 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £199.

This course is all about empowering you and teaching you skills that not only will help you, but you can then help those around you. We will address the things that might be holding you back and replace them with confidence, self-belief and focus.

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This is a course that it's meant to inspire you, to help you identify why you lack confidence, help you re-evaluate who you are, highlight your strengths and build that strong self-esteem. It is a course aimed at teaching you skills to last you a lifetime. You will learn how to transform negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones, you will look at expanding your comfort zone and cresting situations for yourself that help you move forward. This course will teach you the skills of clear and focused communication, help you understand body language and give you the knowledge on how to deal with rejection.


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Negotiation Skills
Influencing Skills
Persuasion Skills
Body Language
Communication Skills
Communication Training
Confidence Training
Gain Confidence


Module one What is confidence?

This module focuses on highlighting what confident behaviour is, as well as the benefits of displaying a confident behaviour in your personal life as well as your professional one. You will learn about the different levels of confidence and learn the right level to be used in different situations.

  • Recommended study time: 1-2 hours

Module Four Building your confidence

This module focuses on you! You will find out about different communication styles and learn to identify yours, you will learn about goal setting and learn how to recognise and deal with fear, as well as confidence techniques.

  • Recommended study time: 1-2 hours

module eight Persuasion skills and coping with criticism

As the title says, this module will look at teaching you new skills, such as persuasion skills. It will teach you about the importance of being a good listener and about the impact that such a skill has on your persuasion success. You will also learn about coping with criticism and how to turn negative, unconstructive criticism into a positive goal, by changing your outlook as to how you interpret other people's communication.

  • Recommended study time: 1-2 hours