Small Animal Care Level 2

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This course is composed of 12 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £399.
You love animals and animals seem to really love you. If working with animals has crossed your mind once or twice then this is the right course for you. Getting to care from amazing little creatures, knowing how to groom them and care for them would make you happy? Then why not work with animals.
You do not require a veterinary degree to work with animals all day. From Veterinary clinics to animal hospitals, rescue shelters, grooming salons and zoos, the pet care industry is a growing one and they are all looking for big hearted people to join them.

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Animal Nutrition
Animal Behaviour
Animal Care
Pet Care
Type of pets
Small animals


Module one Introduction to the world of animal care

This module introduces you to the industry and presents the history behind animal care, classifications of animals as well as types of common pets.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

Module Three Handling

This module teaches you how to handle small animals safely and without causing unnecessary fear or stress for the animal.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

module Five Animal behaviour

This module is a very important component of the course as you get to learn about instinctive and learnt behaviours animals have, positive communication and methods of corrective training.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours