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Television coverage, magazine articles and social media are playing an increasingly important role in the business of sport – The IOC alone have over 50m million followers and growing at a staggering rate of 30k new followers a day!

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Media Relations
Communication Skills
Media Journalism
Media management
Sports marketing
Sports Media
Athletes Profile


Join Dr Andy Miah as he talks about the profound impact the media has upon the landscape of sport. You will learn how to utilise the media to enhance your own professional profile, connect with an international audience and what media opportunities exist now and beyond your competitive career. The course will then conclude with an insight into the future of the sporting media and what you can be doing now to prepare you for tomorrow. 

Further to these insightful lectures, hear from Olympic medalists Michael Johnson, Colin Jackson and Jonathan Edwards as they talk about their successful transition into a media career and listen to the unique perspectives of broadcasters, photographers, producers and video journalists about the fast paced and competitive nature of the sporting media.

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